Businesses You can Run In Nigeria From Abroad

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Businesses You can Run In Nigeria From Abroad

When it comes to running a business locally in Nigeria from abroad, it is usually one herculean task. As there are a lot of things involved. Some of the major challenge in running a business in Nigerian from overseas is due to the following; “the Nigerian factor” , little Knowledge of the Nigerian market, lack of experience , the technical know how , High cost of running the businesses in Nigeria, poor management skills etc.

With all the listed characteristics, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to run a successful business in Nigeria, while you are abroad. One of the most important factor is having a great knowledge of the business and the environment, the technical know how, the right partners and putting in check and balances to ensure everyone sticks with the main goal of the business and avoid business that needs your presence to run effectively. We will be focusing on businesses that doesn’t need 100% of your presence.


Here are some of the businesses you can run in Nigeria from abroad.

1. Online Store: An online store is a form of online business where you list your products or services on your website and where customers can order for the products or services online.

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How to Start an Online Store

a. Choose a niche or decide what you want to sell

b. Do a proper and comprehensive market research and feasibility study

c. Do proper research, know the business, understand the market, your competitor etc

d. Get a good website designer 


2. Property and real estate : Another business you can run abroad is real estate and properties business. Real estate is one of the few business that hardly go down in the global market. Based on this fact, it barely needs your presence. buy plots from genuine real estate companies, wait for some years and resell to make profit or buy cheap properties , fix it ,make it better and resell for profit, Another way to go about this is buy or build an edifice which could be residential or commercial and lease it out and get paid yearly.

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3. Sales and Shipping Consultant: There is a major gold mine that people often neglect. There are millions of Nigerians that buy goods from abroad every year and needs these goods to be shipped to Nigeria. You could bridge the gap by helping them to buy these goods and get them delivered here in Nigeria and charge them a token as service charge.


4. Import and Export : One of the easiest and most popular business to run from abroad is exporting of goods to Nigeria and in return, you can choose to import other valuables into Nigeria.

import and export

5. Travel Consultant: Become a travel consultant, with your few years experience travelling, you can put it to use by becoming a travel consultant to millions of Nigerians who travel or plan to travel out if the country yearly.

travel consultant

6. Blogging: Thank God for Internet, you can simply run a successful blog from the comfort of your home and still make a good living. Blogging is the art of writing about a subject matter placing it on a website (blog) to educate, entertain or enlighten people about a subject matter.


Check how to create a blog 

7. Become an Investor: This is a little bit tricky, but with proper research , you will get major investment platforms that yields high return on investment (RIO). You could choose to invest in a business and make money while you are away. Always put things in black and white before going into partnerships.


Web design and IT related services: Another business you can run abroad is web design and IT related services like online branding, programming, online management , social media management, database management etc. These are services that doesn’t require you to be on ground to execute.

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