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Tiwa Savage – Nigerian music diva Tiwa Savage has become one of the greatest music sensations in Nigeria, with her ever thrilling songs, sonorous voice and her amazing stage performance. She is currently rated one of Nigeria’s best. She is beautiful, sexy, smart and overall very successful. She is a typical example of beauty and brain. And she is definitely one of the greatest role model in the Nigerian music Industry.

You cannot mention top 100 most successful women in Nigeria without mentioning Tiwa Savage. She has earned a very good name in the entertainment industry.

Here’s a little history about Tiwa Savage, She was born in Nigerian, grew up in London and lived most of her adolescent life there, where she grew a career in music as a writer and a backup singer. She relocated back to Nigeria and started her music career. She has been awesome ever since.

I know you will be wondering how Music or entertainment relates to business. Do I need to explain to you that the entertainment industry is a multibillion dollar industry and that music has gone beyond just passion? Music is serious business, which has provided jobs for millions of people all around the world.

Here are some business lessons I learnt from the life of Tiwa Savage:

  1. You can always win: Tiwa Savage has been winning in the Entertainment Industry for over a decade and she is still winning, though she might have come through some ups and downs, she remain stronger by the day. So this means in business you can always own the market notwithstanding the setbacks you face.tiwa award
  2. Skills and experience is needed in Business: Did you know that Tiwa Savage studies Music at Berklee College of Music and she graduated with a degree in professional music. Having the passion or the gift is not usually enough, get the professional skills and experience.Tiwa-Savage
  3. Be focus: One of the greatest lessons I learnt from Tiwa Savage is she is very focus; it is one of the best qualities every business needs to keep soaring high. It helps you focus on your goals, your mission and your objectives even in the midst of difficulties.tiwa savage focus
  4. Work Hard and play harder: Another good lesson I learnt from Tiwa Savage is, even though she is a workaholic, she has also found a way to integrate her work life into her personal life which gives her a balanced work life. So learn to incorporate fun into your work life without the two interfering with each other.Tiwa Savage ft. Olamide Standing Ovation Official Music Video
  5. Soar in the midst of controversies: At one time or the other, Tiwa Savage has always been involved in one controversy or the other, one thing is sure, she usually comes out stronger. So no matter what you might have gone through or going through, make sure you come out tougher.tiwa controversies
  6. Be Business Oriented: Most of the times we do business because of passion and we often forget it takes more than just passion to continue in business. Like Tiwa Savage, she has been able to incorporate her business sense into her music which makes her more successful. tiwa-savage business
  7. Passion is key: You can hardly run a successful business without passion ,the only thing that keeps you going when all hope seems lost is passion. Like Tiwa Savage, it wasn’t quite easy for her when she came into the Nigerian music industry but her passion kept her moving forward.

    tiwa savage performing

    Singer Tiwa Savage performs at the New Afrika Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria, on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012. Sunday was the final set of performances for the annual Felabration festival, a series of concerts put on by the family of the late Afrobeat singer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell)

  8. Respect your fans (customers): I have seen many incidents where Tiwa Savage has been abused or bullied online, but hardly in any case has been gone on a social media fight with a fan. Also she has this respect for her fans online and on stage, respecting your customers is one sure way to a successful businessman or woman.tiwa savage fans
  9. Branding and Packaging is key: When it comes to packaging , there is this sense of style that revolves around the Tiwa Savage Brand, She is classy, trendy and of course lovable, she knows the right choice of dresses, shoes, bags and most importantly colours. To develop a successful business a sense of style and professionalism has to reflect in your looks, logo, your office , website and everything that surrounds your business etctiwa savage
  10. Social media is key: Social media has proven times without number that you stand a higher chance of becoming more successful or making more profit if your business has a strong social media presence. Currently Tiwa Savage has more than three million followers on social media. That’s Huge! Imagine what you can achieve with such followership.  Tiwa Savage Facebook
  11. Partner and Build a winning team: In as much as the Tiwa Savage Brand is a household name, Tiwa Savage still goes into collaboration with other Artist. At some point in your business, partnerships and collaboration is highly advised even when you into to run your business solely.tiwa savage and mavin
  12. Be Bold and Fierce: Nothing looks more adorable than a confident and bold person, Tiwa Savage has demonstrated this times without number that she is the definition of a strong and independent black woman. To become successful, you need to be strong, confident and bold in all your endeavor.tiwa savage fiece
  13. Employ the best hands: Have you ever noticed something about the Tiwa Savage brand, It takes a team of dedicated and hardworking staff to pull that up. To become a successful business, hire the best hands to manage your business.
  14. Dominate Your Market: I need not tell you that Tiwa Savage is currently one of the few successful music artist that has dominated the music scene and remain consistent. She is always in the news and on our faces. To win , you need to dominate your market.Tiwa Savage If I Start To Talk ft. Dr. Sid Official Music Video YouTube
  15. Connect with the people, go local: When Tiwa Savage came into the music scene, if she had been dressing the British way, talking with so much accent, singing like the Americans, there is no way she will connect with the people on a local level. So to fully occupy your market you need to connect with your customers locally.tiwa connect


Tiwa Savage is smart, she has been in the music business for decades and she is still standing, be smart , be like Tiwa Savage , take your business to the next level.



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