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Blogging: How To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money

blogging work from home

Blogging – Introduction to how to moneytize your blog

Blogging – After publishing the post on “how to create a blog using WordPress ”, I got a loads of questions regarding how to monetize or make money from your blog, and it got me thinking. Then I decided to create another topic on several ways to monetize or make money with your blogs.

blogging work from home

For those that missed the post on how to create a blog using wordpress, here is the link :

Now , Before I start, if you think having a blog will make you a millionaire overnight please don’t waste time reading further please, Just face your studies or keep searching for a good job or better still forget about blogging. Blogging requires lots of persistence, hard work and getting the right contents out there. Even though some of us based on experience can make a blog start generating a nice figure in a short period.

To make money in blogging, First thing is to understanding what works, having a great content, knowing how to generate lots and lots of traffic, ability to convert the traffic to value and a good knowledge of SEO and other technicalities.

It will make more sense for you to familiarize yourself with the technicalities of blogging such as SEO, social media integration and management, content writing, google adsense , google analytics, webs masters tools, keywords etc

There are lots of ways to generate money from you blog, but it takes lots of planning, hard work, consistency, dedication and focus.

You must note that making money on your blog is like making money in the real world. You must have something to sell or offer. It could either be a product, a service, a skill or your traffic.

If you really want to be a successful blogger, you must learn how to convert your posts to generate lots of traffic and the traffic to money. Without traffic you can’t make a lot of revenue from your site. So traffic is key. So what drives traffic? The number one factor is having a great Content. You basically need great contents and write ups that will keep people engaged and make them keep visiting your blog.


Here is a list of possible ways to monetize or generate money from your blog.

Custom Ads : This is one of the most popular form of monetization as every top blogs rely on this as their main source of making money.

Custom ads allows you to sell a particular portion of your site to individuals, organizations , companies to advertise their products, brands or services for a limited period of time at a particular rate. In this form of monetization, there is no middle man, you get practically all the money paid upfront.

Google Ads: One of the most popular CPC (cost per click ) program is Google Ads, Google provides a platform for publishers to earn money by placing ads on their site, Google ads allows you make money through a sharing formular everytime someone clicks or views the ads placed on the site.

Paid posts : Paid posts allows people to place articles or information on your blog like a blog posts. These information could be the launch of a new product, announcement, events, adverts etc .

Email marketing: After building a lot of contact via subscription to your site, you could charge advertisers or companies to market their goods to your contacts by sending them an email about your products or services. This is another effective way of monetizing your blog.

Donations: You could also create a section on your blog for donations, you never can tell who would be impressed by your write-ups and would be willing to drop a couple of bucks just to say thank you.

Paid reviews : Paid reviews is similar to a paid post but unlike a paid post, In paid review, You get paid to write a detailed review about a new or an existing product, service, project or organization on your blog.

Sell products on your site: After having this massive traffic on your site, it would be a nice idea to sell products relating to your niche on your site, if you run a makeup and beauty blog, you can decide to sell makeup products on your site or better still if you run a fashion blog, you can decide to sell fashion items on your blog.

Create your own products and sell: we all have passion and some special skills, it could art, drawing, sculpture, sewing  etc. It won’t be a bad idea to share some of your works or products created by you for sale on your blog.

Write an ebooks : Selling ebooks is one of the easiest ways to make money on your blog. You can create an eBoooks on different subjects matter. You ebook could be fictional, stories, inspirational, marketing, spiritual etc

Affiliate Marketing : Another awesome way of making cool cash on your blog is to sign up for affiliate programs , affiliate marketing allows you advertise some products on your site by placing a link, once someone clicks this link and successfully make a purchase, you automatically get paid. Affiliate marketing offers between 5 % to 25% commission, Some affiliate marketing offers up to 50% commission.

Become a consultant: You are obviously a professional in your niche and in your field. You can monetize your blog by offering consultancy services in your specified niche. This can happen when you have a lot of followers and you have built a strong reputation and great professionalism in that field.

Host Trainings: Another way of monetizing your blog is to host trainings and webinars where you can teach people on different subject ranging from makeup to online marketing, web design, social media management , blogging etc

Sell tutorials: Another way of monetizing your blog is to create and sell tutorials. The tutorials could be on how to make soap, how to create a blog etc


But the most important thing you need to understand about blogging is never give you. Blogging involves doing the same thing in different ways over and over again till you become successful. Don’t hesitate to come share your success story when you start making money.



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