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How to Create a WordPress Blog From Start to Finish

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WordPress Blog: Introduction to creating a wordpress Blog

I would be teaching you how to create a blog from start to finish,
Creating a blog seems technical to a lot of people but I will take time and explain it step by step and I would appreciate if you follow and do not hesitate to ask questions.

This tutorial will cover everything you need to know about blogging , from start to finish ,

Creating a blog can be done with several platforms known as the CMS(Content Management Systems) like joomla, drupal , blogger , wordpress or custom designed blogs using PHP etc. But here I will be focusing on how to create a blog using WordPress . I might also probably write about how to create a blog using blogger , joomla later . But let’s start with WordPress.

The reason why I choose wordpress is because of its flexibility, awesome designs, it is easy to use , its free and has readily available and free pluggings and templates .

This tutorial will cover everything cover to cover from start to finish so sit back relax , grab a bottle of your favourite drink and lets soar!


Before we get started , I would like to familiarise us with some basic terminologies that you should know , as far as blogging is concerned

Terms you need to be familiar with ,

Domain name
Theme / template
Link (hyperlink)

Its important you understand these terms as it will be needed for the successful understanding of this course. These are terms you can’t do a day without coming across as far as the world of blogging is concerned. I would be populating this list as we move on.


Domain name: The simplest way to define this is a domain name is the network address that defines a domain. Simple its defines the location of a page eg is the domain name for Business Mopol

URL stands for uniform resource locator eg its similar to a domain name

Dashboard – The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into the administration area of your blog. The main idea of the dashboard is to give you a place where you can get an at-a-glance overview of what’s happening with your blog.

Admin – This is the administrator or that person in charge of a blog who has the sole right to posts, delete, upload and do any form of administrative activities on the site

A host is store (a website or other data) on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet.

Hosting is the act of storing a data or website on the service so that it can be available on the internet

A database is the collection of data in a systematic manner , A database is where every information on the blog is stored eg images, users, information etc

A theme or template (or web template) is a pre-designed webpage, or set of HTML webpages that anyone can use to “plug-in” their own text content and images into to create a website. that is a template is an already made website or blog , all you have to do is just put your contents cos the website has already been created

A plugin is an already made module on a site which performs a particular funtion , Eg a plugin to delete something, a plugin to send messages, a form plugin etc

A post is what makes up the contents of your blog. Posts are generally news , informational , updates about a certain topic or discussions . It is what you put on your website for users to read

Category – This is used to sort posts into segments or sections. Eg entertainments, politics etc So all posts or updates about entertainments will go under the entertainment cetegory etc

HTML – Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language – It is the language used to design a website

Cpanel – This is a control panel , it lets you manage youe hosting accounts, applications, manipulation, upload and storage of files on your hosting server , this is a place where you host your site , see it as storage place where you upload your site too.


Now let’s start the main business ,

How to create a blog

To create a blog using WordPress , first of all you need a domain name and a hosting account to host your blog ,

domain name for people to be able to access.
So to create a domain name and host , you need to a hosting company that provides this service .

There are quite a number of them , hostgator, go daddy. Whogohost etx

I will identify 2 and I will explain my reason , there are quite a lot of domain companies around the world who are quite dependable.

So once you identify the one you want

You will have to register on these platforms , after registration, you can now search for the domain you are trying to register , after searching the domain, If it is available , buy the domain , usually it takes about 24 hours to 48 hours before it propagates, that is before it is fully functional and available on the internet.

After buying thw domain name, Then you will select the hosting package that best suits you, but for a start you can start with an average package.
Once you are live , you will be provided with a CPanel details which should contain your username and a password to login to the cpanel


After Successfully registering your domain and hosting , you will get access to the Cpanel

On the Cpanel you will see “get started with wordpress today” or “quick Install” . You can click any of the two, It will take you to the same page. that i will explain in the next tutorial

Control Panel

Once You click on the quick install or get started with wordpress, You will be led to wordpress installer page

Please click on Install WordPress as seen in the picture here

Installing wordpress - QuickInstall

After clicking on the install wordpress, This form will appear
In the first field, Select your domain name
In the second field where you have “install/path/here” please leave it blank unless you want to install it as a sub domain
Where you have the admin email please enter your email address, this is where they will send your login details
Blog Title : Enter the title of your blog
Admin user: Enter the username you want to use to be loggin in to your site
First name: Enter Your first name
last name : Enter Your last name

Once you are done, click Install wordpress. and Wait while your wordpress is being installed

Installing wordpress from cpanel - quickinstall

Now your worpress site is ready, Please log in to your admin , Check your email for the username and password to access the dashboard.
usually to log into the admin or dashboard of a wordpress site the URL usually goes like this this is the standard for all wordpress sites .

Once you log in , you will be welcomed with a screen like this , which is known as the dashboard .

Wordpress dashboard

Once you login, the first thing to do is to change your password as the password you currently have is auto generated and it comes in something like this ahgsA3545sdGt so you need to change in to any 6 letter words .

To do that, Go Users , Click on your Profile , go to new password, generate new password and enter you new password.
Then you have successfully changed your password

change wordpress password

Once you are done, your website should look something like this . The next step is to delete the default tests and pages and format the page to look like a proper blog

wordpress 2016 blog

The first thing to do is create categories

  • To create categories , go to posts, under posts, click on categories .
    It will display a page asking you to enter
    Name: (enter the name of the category) Eg entertainment
    slug : (this is the URL that will be displayed when people click on that category) eg entertainment-news (remember to add the – to connect the two words
    Description: A little information about the category, This is good for SEO purposes

Now Click Add Category. Repeat this step for the Whole category you want to add Eg Politics, Gossips, News , Music , Sports.

Once you have done this, you need to convert the categories into a menu

create categories on wordpress

To convert the categories to menu.
Click on Appearance >> Menu
Once you click on Menu, It shows a screen asking you to enter a menu name, You can name it anything.

So i am naming mine header. Cos you can create more than one menu.
Enter the menu name in the menu name field and click on “save menu”

creating menu on wordpress

You will see pages – posts – custom links – categories

Please click on the categories , under the categories, Click on view all, Select all the categories and click add menu. All the menu should automatically be added to the header

creating custom menu on wordppress

To create a custom link for HOME , Click on Custom Link , Enter your site URL there eg
Under Link Text Type HOME. Click add to menu . Then save menu.

You might want to change how the links are displayed, Just click and drag it to where you want.

On the front page you should have something like thiscreating menu on wordpress

Our site is currently taking shape, next thing is to change the theme (or template) from the default

wprdpress site

Click Appearance >> Theme .. Click Add Theme , You can search , search or browse through the lists of free themes available .
install themes on wordpress
I will be choosing a theme called “Hiero” . Click on install. Once it has been installed, Click activate .

You have successfully installed wordpress and half way to customizing the site

installing theme on wordpress

Remember to delete default posts and pages, go to the posts, trash the posts , same things applies to pages, Go to pages and trash the sample page. Now your blog should be looking empty.

To edit the page, there are 2 places you should focus on it is the widgets and the customize

In the widget area, you can choose what displays on the front end and all.

setting up wordpress



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