12 ways to earn foreign currencies legitimately in NIgeria

foreign currency

How to make foreign Currency – With the latest economic crisis in our nation,  the only way to stay competitive in the global market is to start earning some foreign currencies. That is start earning hard currency like dollars,  pounds, euros and the likes. Many people won’t believe how easy it is to get foreign currency or hard currency as its fondly called in this country. I will be sharing tips, tricks and ways to get hard currencies legally in Nigeria.

How to Make Dollars in Nigeria

1. Export : One of the most popular ways to make foreign currency is through export. The potential is so huge as there is no limit to the revenue that can be made through the export of goods and products. The first way to to get started is to First of all, find a list of products that you can export. it varies from country to country.  The list of products that you can export can be gotten at the customs website of your country.  After getting a list of the products, look for the ones that is easily accessible to you and has a great potential. Also if you are into production of some unique goods, you might also want to explore exportation of such goods. Some countries requires you to have an export license while there are some products that can be exported without license.

2. Freelance : One of the sweetest ways of earning real cash is through freelancing, you work for people from different parts of the world from the comfort of your home and you get paid per hour. Examples of companies that offers these are upwork, freelancer, fiverr etc

3. Become a global company : The problem with many local businesses is they get too comfortable being a local company, they often think it takes a lot  to become a global company.  For example as a company or business in Nigeria what makes you think you cannot extend your services to neighboring countries like Ghana, Togo etc and bill your clients in dollars

4. As an international writer: One unique thing about writing is it’s not limited to tribe, place or people, you can be a professional writer In Nigeria, writing for a firm in the US, UK, Canada etc.

5. Start applying for foreign jobs: Many people will find this ridiculous, The truth is there are few jobs in Nigeria, so what made you think you can’t apply to a job in South Africa , Kenya or even the USA. You will always see vacancies for International workers being put online everyday. Trust me the pays are always fantastic. I know a guy that worked as a graphic artist and cartoonist in Nigeria that applied for a job in Dubai. As we speak he is currently working in Dubai getting paid in dollars.

6. Forex trading : Forex is an acronym for foreign exchange, it is an online market where currencies are traded. A simple way to explain this is, for example, you sell dollars to buy pounds to make profit and vice versa.

7. Sell online : Another way of earning cool cash is by selling online. one of the easiest ways to make foreign currency online is to start selling online. Did you know that you can be in Nigeria selling goods online through foreign e-Commerce sites and get it delivered anywhere in the world, all you have to do is look for products that are unique and can be sold worldwide Eg scarce and precious commodity Eg art works , crafts , African clothing, artifacts , fashion products, health and beauty products etc

8. Invest in foreign assets : foreign investment!, foreign investment!!, foreign investment!!! Who told you that you can’t  buy  shares abroad or invest in foreign assets, or is it a must to put all your eggs in one basket? Start exploring other options where your money can work for you.

9. Blogging : Another way of making hard currency online is through blogging by applying  for AdSense or other ads programs that can earn you dollars or hard currency.

10. Affiliate marketing : Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing where you help organisations to promote or advertise their products online and get commission on each sales. there are so many organisations that offers affiliate marketing in Nigeria Eg Konga, Dealdey, Jumia, Whogohost etc

11. Become an international consultant: Did you know that you can become an international consultant in your field of work/study? There are thousands of companies that would like to know more , carry out researches, do feasibility studies etc in Nigeria and would need natives of such countries to help them out in this. If you need to start getting actives on linkedin and other formal social network sites?

12. Publish your book : Did you know that you can also earn cool cash by writing and publishing your books online on some international sites amazon kindle and get paid in dollars? 

Enough of the complains, start making the money. Time waits for no one. For more information or questions, please comment below. We will surely reply you.



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