Businesses that can never go out of fashion

business that cant go out of fashion - transport

Businesses that last a lifetime

Businesses – One of the greatest challenges most entrepreneurs face when trying a new business idea is searching for a business that doesn’t go out of fashion. After many years of studies, here are some businesses that has been tested, trusted and can hardly or never go out of fashion.

Businesses that can never go out of fashion

1. Agricultural Business: These are business practices that involves planting of crops or rearing of animals for human consumption or as a raw material for industries. Agricultural Business is one of the oldest forms of business and it is one businesses that can never go out of fashion provided humans continue to eat, wear clothes and lives in houses. This is because most of our daily utilities are made from agricultural produce.

businesses that cant go out of fashion - agriculture

Restaurant or Eateries : You don’t need to be told that there are over 7 billion people who needs food daily for survival , and the truth is the world is currently not meeting demands as more and more people are being born into the world, more people needs food for survival. If there is one thing we all can’t live without; It’s food. Food is one of the most essential commodities on earth. We need food everyday to survive. So if you thinking of starting a business to solve these need, you are sure to make lots of money.

business that cant go out of fashion - restaurants

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Education : One of the greatest necessity in a developing or developed community is education, at every point in our lives whether young or old we all need some form of education which could be in the form of formal education, professional courses, trainnings or seminars etc. Education is one thing that can never go out of fashion due to the fact that humans always have a course to learn and know more.

businesses that cant go out of fashion - education
Properties and real estates : We all need a houses to live in, according to the bureau of statistics, the world is currently suffering from housing deficits , which means there are currently less homes for people to live, We all can’t do without a home , solving this challenge won’t only give a solution to one of the worlds major challenge, it will also make you smile to the bank.

businesses that cant go out of fashion - real estate nigeria

Water : Water is the most abundant resource on earth, yet half of the world’s population don’t have access to portable drinking water. Just remember that there are over 7 billion people that needs water every day, young or old. Should i also remind you the the ROI (return on Investment) on every processed water is mostly over fifty percent (50%).business that cant go out of fashion - water

Transportation : Due to one reason or the other humans will always move from one point to another. These days it seems there are currently not enough effective transport systems to meet growing number of population. With the increase in the worlds population, getting into the transport business wouldn’t be a bad idea for example in a country like Nigeria with over 150 million people, the transport business can never go out of fashion.

business that cant go out of fashion - transport

Healthcare: For a number of reasons, humans will always fall sick or get infested with one diseases or the other. So therefore there is always need for institutions that caters for this need. The world need proper health care to cater for several health related issues. This is also one business that will always thrive come rain come sunshine.

business that cant go out of fashion - healthcare
Beauty products: From time immemorial, humans have always wanted to look good, no wonder in the olden days, they apply tribal marks, tattoos and incisions on their body but these days, people can now enhance their body features through plastic surgeries, they can enhance their looks through make ups, also some beauty products give users the privilege to tone or bleach their skins just to give themselves the desired outlook. Provided there are and will always be humans that want to look good, beauty products will always have a place in the human world.

business that cant go out of fashion - beauty

Clothing and Fashion Business : Another business that can never go out of fashion is the clothing business , infact this was one of the earliest businesses instituted after agriculture. Due to the fact that humans needs to look good and cover their nakedness. It is therefore an integral part of every culture to cloth themselves. Fashion products will never go out of fashion.

business that cant go out of fashion - clothing

Trade: If there is one thing that can never go out of fashion is trade or business  transaction between people, communities , countries across the world. no wonder these days it’s called world trade.


IT and technology: Due to several problems in the world, humans have advancement in science in technology to solve these problems, ever since the introduction of science and technology humans have also improved in all aspect of life such as communication, transportation, health , automobiles , IT etc


Arts: Another business that can never go out of fashion is arts related products like paintings, sculptures, no wonder art products that has been produced over 2,000 years ago are still cherished in our current world.


Religious based services: Due to the fact that humans need spiritual guidance and answers to some some issues bothering our daily lives, they have resorted to spiritual guidance for answers. Though many would say it isn’t a form of business but most of the materials used in religious based services are a multi billion dollar industry. For example, the most widely sold books on earth are religious books.


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Entertainment services: Did you know that the entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative business venture in the twenty first century? It is also one business that can never go out of fashion because people wants to be entertained 24/7.


Banking And Investment Services: Have you ever wondered why banks and investment companies are getting richer ? You have no idea how the little money you save transforms to make the bank super richer. Investment and banking services will always thrive anytime any day.

central bank of nigeria

Sports: Sports activities has always been an integral part of human activities for a long time. If you pay attention to history and also follow up sport related news, you will realize that sporting activities has been here a long time and it’s here to stay. Also this is another money spilling industry.


I am sure with this, you should be able to decide businesses you can run, pass to your children and can stand the test of time.

These businesses can hardly go out of fashion.

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