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Top Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions

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Top Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions

Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest, fasted and effective ways of marketing and reaching a large audience with little input. No wonder affiliate marketing has become an integral part of every marketing campaign.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is the practice of allowing other people market or sell your goods to a wide range of audience, provides you with a lead and once the leads purchase the good or take an action,  they get paid a portion of the sales or the agreed percentage promised.

It can also be simply put as a way of earning commission by selling or marketing other peoples goods or services

It is general knowledge that affiliate marketing has become advertiser best choice when it comes to online advertising and sales.

Affiliate marketing is also a performance-based marketing strategy which companies adapt to reward users also known as affiliates for each visitor, sales or leads gained through their personal marketing.

Affiliate marketing is now a big industry providing opportunity for advertisers and marketing executives to increase their income through a mutually beneficial partnership

What is an Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate marketing software is a solution that provides a dashboard and application for marketers and advertisers to track and verify all their affiliate marketing efforts in one platform.

There are tons of affiliate marketing software available in the market. However, it is not all the affiliate marketing solutions that are genuine.

Top Affiliate Marketing software.

Here is some of the top affiliate marketing software


If you are looking for a robust, comprehensive and solution that is fully automated, HasOffers is the go-to affiliate platform. It provides you with comprehensive tools to track and manage your affiliate.

It is a top affiliate software that allows you to measure, monitor, analyse and optimize your marketing networks in real time. It integrates both desktop and mobile data which helps you manage all your campaign in a single coordinated order. This software is available from as low as $279


ShareASale is a top affiliate software solutions that have been in the business of providing affiliate marketing solutions since the year 2000. They offer one of the top of edge technology service in affiliate program providing its client base with maximum benefits at a whopping $650  startup registration fee.

ShareASale offers robust and complete automation for affiliate marketing and payments.


Clickbank is one of the oldest, most trusted and popular affiliate platforms offering users a cloud-hosted software and a mobile-optimized platform that allows you to work on the go. Clickbank offers unparalleled statistics, analytics and reporting system with in-built automation tools and resources and an unmatched search.


This is another affiliate marketing software solutions that help organizations to track sales, app installs and it also manages the overall activities of a campaign. It is easy to use providing users with advanced features like fraud detection, targeting control and CAPs management. It also provides flexibility and allows you to customize the application to your taste.

CJ Affiliate

This is another popular and affiliate marketing software solution that provide a cloud-based hosting with robust features like real-time pay for performance options, cross-device solutions, deep link automation, real-time transaction monitoring and other mind-blowing features. It is considered the biggest affiliate platform. It also offers multi-language and multi-currency functionality which makes it easy for people in other parts of the world to use this software. CJ Affiliate is known to provide enhanced engagement, faster revenue generation, and because it allows multi-language it makes it a globally recognised platform.



VigLink uses a different model from other affiliate programs it is designed to work dynamically. It works based on a partnership model in which merchants and publishers partner through the use of revenue-generating hyperlinks. Since this hyperlinks are automated it makes it stress-free and easy to integrate. It also provides easy setup and customization.


AffTrack is an enterprise SaaS solution that provides a customizable platform that allows you to track clicks on your affiliate. It offers real-time analytics where you can track your affiliate program on the go. It features includes suppression file management, invoice and billings, file manager, geo-tagging, affiliate referral and client-side tracking. It also provides a budget-friendly platform, mobile friendly, with tons of affiliate networking tools and all-round support system.


This is an end to end solutions that affiliate marketing optimization, analytics and advertising. It offers an easy instant set up, advanced tracking capability and also offers multiple integrations. Voluum provides a platform to easily track and control your campaigns. It also allows you to create landing pages, and add many new campaigns to your CPA dashboard. It offers real-time data processing, a reporting API, mobile tracking and robust security.

Post Affiliate Pro:

This is another top affiliate marketing solution created to track online businesses and e-commerce sites. It allows integration with different Content Management Systems (CMS)  payment gateways and can also be integrated with third-party API solutions. It offers direct link tracking, multi-tier commission  and a fantastic user interface offering anti-fraud detection, multi-currency support and other promotional tools.

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