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The Top 5 Best Sites to Buy Stock Photos

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You have heard the saying that pictures speak a thousand word, this saying still stands true, especially in today’s ever-changing digital world. No wonder most successful marketing campaigns, stories or adverts are not complete with Images. Images are an integral part of our lives, this could be due to the fact that we are more of a visual organism.  Creating the best content is one thing but having the right images to compel your story is another. Sometimes hiring a photographer to create the kind of image we want is not even an option because it will take more time, cost lots of money and you won’t get your picture at the flip of a finger. This is where stock images come to play they provide an avenue for you to buy already made premium photos all in one platform.

How It Works

It doesn’t matter whether it is an image, illustration, graphic or banner or video, getting a ready-made picture in one website that suits your need is an awesome innovation. If you are to create an image of a location in China, it will involve you hiring a photographer to travel to China or better still hire a photographer in China to help you take the picture. This will incur some expenses you may not be ready to take.  But with regards to stock image website. They offer you a chance to buy readily available images that will suit your need at an affordable rate

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to get a stock photo, It could be because you want a high-quality photo, to avoid copyright issues, because it is affordability. Whatever the case may be you have just the right picture waiting to be downloaded. We have researched some of the best stock free images websites you can get around the world

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a free photo stock or a paid one, we have a comprehensive list that will serve your need.

What are Stock photos

Stock photos are high quality and licensed professional photos of people, places, events or landmark that are sold on a royalty-free

Benefits of buying a stock photo

  1. You have access to a huge database of images
  2. It Is cheap, affordable and fast to get: Stock photos are readily available, cheap and easy to buy.
  3. It saves time and resources: Imagine a platform that you gives you access to buy, download and use images on the go. It allows you to search for your preferred images and download with a click on a button
  4. No Legal Issues: You can use it anywhere either for personal or commercial purpose without taking permission from its owner. This gives you rest of mind, you don’t have to worry about copyright or legal issues that may arise from the use of the image.
  5. It offers varieties: Imagine a platform that offers over ten million images with different choices to choose from.

What is the cost of A Stock Photo

Cost of stock photos varies from platforms to platforms. On some platforms, you can get for as low as $1 . There are many platforms where you can buy stock photos for free or at a ridiculous cheap price

Best Platforms to Buy Stock Photos

There are lots of agencies that offer sales of stock photos on the internet but it is not all these platforms that provide high-quality photos you want in one platform.

Here are some of the platforms to buy Stock images


It is one of the oldest in the industry offering over Seventy Million stock photos, images, animations and video. Shutterstock offers one of the largest databases of stock photos in the world. Shutterstock is known for high resolution images and its lovely user interface makes it easy to navigate.

Getty Images

Getty images is the first ever photo stock website and as at today it still remains one of the best photo stock website offering millions of high premium photo library to its million subscribers. It also provides options when you search for pictures


 iStock is owned by Getty Image and it is also a photo stock website offers millions of high-quality stock free photos, images, Illustration and videos. It provides user-friendly functionalities to make searching of photos easy.

Adobe Stock

This is one of the best photo stock website. It comes free with the Adobe Cloud subscribers. From its name, it is owned by Adobe. It offers over 50 million royalty free photos, templates, 3D content, videos, illustration, graphics etc

It also gives users the ability to purchase images directly from Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premier pro.


This is another royalty free stock image website that offers a massive digital library of high resolution stock photos which users can use all that is required is a sign up.

Stock photos have been around since the inception of the modern internet and will not be going away soon. It’s time to work smarter get cheap high-resolution images on the go. 

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