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How The Internet Is Changing and Will Disrupt Everything


Internet World: We live in a world where everything is changing so fast, the good news is, it is awesome to be alive at this time, but the bad news is, if you don’t catch up with the trend , you might become obsolete In the next few years, when I mean obsolete, I’m talking about being irrelevant, having no skills, finding it hard to compete, being broke , finding it hard to get a job or worse still loosing your most cherished dream job.
The Internet has made a lot of things that were seen as impossible possible yesterday to become possible. The Internet has changed the way we transact,  the way we date, the way we relate, the way we interact, the way we communicate, the way we learn, the way we worship, the way we shop and obviously the way we live.
The Internet disruption didn’t start today, It began when the Internet was first invested in 1983. The Internet has made it easy to process large amounts of data within a micro second.
internet has changed the world

Ways the Internet has Changed our world.

This is what i call the Internet Revolution. I will list ways the internet has changed the world and made the world a better place.
For example here are the few sample of how the internet has changed things around the world.


iTunes has over 37,000,000 songs and they don’t even have a studio , produced any of those song or own one of those songs.


Paypal Processes payments of over One billion Dollars daily and it is not even a bank and it doesn’t even own a bank.


Uber is the Worlds largest taxi company , Guess what? it doesn’t own a single taxi, isn’t that incredible?


Airbnb is the Worlds largest accommodation provider , It owns no single real estate
Skype WeChat – worlds largest telecom company


Facebook is the most popular media company in the world and it doesn’t owns one single content on it’s platform and the owner of facebook is the 6th richest man in the world


NetflixWorlds largest movie house And it owns no single movie or cinema.


Google has the highest collection of data, movies, news, library, etc Google Owns the highest number of apps catalogue in it’s app store and guess what? Those apps and those contents are not even built or owned by them.


Alibaba owns the largest number of goods , product catalogue or inventory , and doesn’t even own none of those products.
Alibaba market place Has over 8.5 million sellers that’s the size of United Arab Emirates or like half the population of Lagos, Nigeria selling on its platform.


WeChat is worlds greatest messaging service with over 1 billion active users , delivering over 100 billion messages worldwide, and Guess what? It doesn’t even have a post office neither does it own a telecommunication company.

How the Internet is Affecting us Locally

For example here in Nigeria, The company with the highest number of hotel , Jovago – doesn’t even own a single hotel .
Just last year (2015) Konga processed a sales of over 100 million Naira in 4 hours.
Even Konga has over 250,000 products in their product catalog, show me a store in Nigeria with such number.
Did you know that In one single day Alibaba made a sales of over $14.3 billion which is equal to N5,720,000,000,000 (Five Trillion, seven hundred and twenty billion Naira)  when converted to Naira @ 400 Naira to a Dollar (The current dollar price). Guess what? the Nigerian budget for 2016 which is the highest ever, and it was even padded was estimated at  2,600,000,000,000 (Two trillion, six hundred billion Naira) so what this means is that an internet company based in China made more than double of Nigeria’s yearly budget in a single day. Wow!! this is amazing.
If facebook was to be a country, it will be the most populated country in the world, with an active monthly users of over 1.71 users. Even the China Population is just over 1.357 billion people according to the 2013 census.
Did you noticed that the top 10 richest people in the world all have or invested in online businesses?
So with all this facts , do you still need a prophet to tell you that you need to get your business online or get website for your business ? I guess no. We now live in a world where you can’t run a viable sustainable and profitable business without the internet.
If you are still waiting, like i said at the beginning of this article , you might just become obsolete in some years time. Get Online now, Get a website today 
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