17 Reasons Why You need a website For your Business

Reasons Why You need a website

It doesn’t matter whether you are small, growing or a developed business. One thing you shouldn’t do without is the presence of a website. No matter how small your business might be, you should get a website, you should be able to get something you can afford. And for big businesses, you definitely need a standard website to take your business to the next level


If at this point, you are still wondering whether or not to get a website. Think again! The opportunity is massive. You have the potential to reach million or even billions of people. Look for Professional Website Designers  to help you design a very goo site.

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Here are the reasons why you need a website


1. Free Online Branding: Presence of a website automatically gives your business free online branding because, your brand is automatically listed on the world wide web.

2. Available 24/7: While you and your other staff are sleep or sometimes take a break to go on vacation, your website never sleeps, it doesn’t go on vacation. It’s always open to customers Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

3. Saves time and money : Having a website saves you lots of stress, time and money. Imagine having to communicate a price change to all your customers, Having a website just makes it easy. In addition, It doesn’t incur daily expenses like fuel for generator, cleaners , carpenter etc

4. Free Marketing: Your website also serves as a free marketing tool for your business. You can blow your own trumpet and reach millions of people without paying extra. Isn’t that amazing

5. Gives you an edge: Most of the times, the first point of contact for many people when searching for a particular business is the Internet. So having a website gives you an edge more than your competitors. If you don’t have a website, you can’t be reached

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6. Your competitors are online: Your competitors are online, you don’t want them to steal your customers because they might be offering them great value on their website. So you need to quickly get online.

7. Corporate image and Online Public Relations: Even if you are just a small shop in a local community, a website gives users the image of a standard organization which gives them confidence to patronize you. Also it gives your brand a very good image and you can also use your website for public relations with your customers

8. Increases your revenue / Sales: When you have a website, You have the potential of reaching more people, which can generate into leads and from leads to sales and from sales to a loyal customer. It is also known that brands with websites get about 30% sales increase than brands without a website

9. Increases your market share: Having a website also increased your market share and market value in your line of business. Because it allows you to reach more people and thereby taking a huge market share.

10. You become a global company: Now because the presence of a website is not limited to your domain. It allow you to trasact business with anyone anywhere in the world.

11. Recognized by Google: Google is the biggest search engine in the world with the potential traffic billion of people monthly. Won’t it be a good idea to get your site listed on search engine? So you really need to get a website.

12. Custom email: Another advantage of having your own website is it gives you a custom email that is It allows you to have official emails which can be used for all your official purposes, eg

13. 24 hours Customer Care support: Now what happens when a customer needs information about your services or needs clarification on an issue while your store is closed? The customer get more furious, angry and would not feel he is getting value for his money. But if you have a website, You can create an interactive customer care support system on your website that can address certain issues your customers might face. Eg you could have an help section or a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

14. Stay ahead of your competition: Another good reason of having a website is to stay ahead of your competition. Especially in a niche where your competitors are not yet online. Be the first. As we all know that in the world that we live in, Most of the time first to start something is usually the top in the industry.

15. Instant Online credibility: Another reason why you need a website is it gives your business credibility. For example. If people hear about any business before transacting with them. The first place they go to is the internet. Once they can’t find the business online, they just assume the business might not be legitimate.

16. Easily reach your clients: If you have a store in a local community of 5,000 people, no matter how much you try, you can’t reach all the 5,000 people which makes you limited. But if you have a website, you can reach all your clients online without stress.

17. Reach more people: You can reach more people. The number of people that you can reach is not limited


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