Why You Should You Should Start Agricultural Business


Agriculture needs no introduction; it is one of the most popular and oldest known business practices across the world. Agriculture provides the foods we eat, the clothes we wear and even materials for the houses we live in. So therefore agricultural is inevitable. The markets is  large and readily available, the labour is cheap and it provides huge opportunity to make a lot of money within a limited period of time.
Now in this season of economic downturn where the price of everything is skyrocketing and our economy is crashing, where so many nations is plagued with lack of good jobs, money and social amenities. This will be a good time for you to start agriculture.

Most of our parents or grandparents have lands wasting away in the village and we are so stuck to the city life.

agriculture farmer on a farm

Here are some reasons you should invest in agriculture

1. Quick ROI (Return on investment):

Agriculture provides easy and quick return of investment within a limited period. For example if you plant a single corn it can produce up to hundred seedlings or more within a period of 3 months, now imagine you planting on an acre of land, the harvest will be bountiful .

2. Easy Access to loan:

It’s usually easier to get an agricultural loan than any other loan because bankers know the huge potentials of agricultural businesses. Also the federal government also encourages agricultural loans
Low interest loan: Agric interest loan are usually single figure and sometimes it’s usually a zero interest loan. Most agric loans are usually between 2% to about 5%

3. Nigeria is diversifying:

As Nigeria is diversifying , there are lots of focus on agriculture as a substitute or addition to petroleum, so there is no better time to go into agriculture.

4. The market is Huge:

one good thing about agriculture is you don’t have to spend money on marketing your products or looking for buyers , buyers are all around you , infact in agric business it’s the buyers that find you. You can imagine your products sold out before harvest, now that’s the power of agriculture

5. Cheap Agricultural Lands :

Agricultural lands are usually pretty cheap compared to other industrial lands. For example in remote villages, you can get agricultural land for almost nothing.

6. Demand for agricultural products are high:

one of the reasons why you should invest in agric is because the demand for agricultural products are high infact no one can do a day without taking agricultural products.

7. Low or No tax

Did you know that in some countries farmers are exempted from paying taxes and in some countries where farmers pay , the taxes are usually low.

8. Agriculture is lucrative :

Agriculture is a tested and working system that has made a lot of people rich and still making lots and lots of people millionaires yearly

9. Many niche to choose from:

Agriculture is so wide that there are wide range of agricultural practices to choose from.

10 You can integrate to reduce cost :

Agriculture allows you to integrate so many agricultural practices to reduce spending or cost. For example if you do plantain farming, after harvest you can use the stem and leaves to feed your snails, or if you do poultry , you could use the dung as manure for your plant etc , this will go a long way in helping you reduce costs drastically

11. Create Jobs:

In addition to the aforementioned, you will also be solving one of our greatest challenges, which is creating of jobs and providing employments for the jobless

12 Improving Our Economy

Why complain about it when you can do something about it. Our economy needs a lot of push from private citizens, starting your agricultural business will now just help you in making money, you will indirectly be helping the Nigerian economy.

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