The Art of Yoga and It’s Health Benefits



Your friend has been telling you all about this new routine she’s into, she’s happier, healthier and she’s much more tranquil in her mind, and you are wondering what could have caused this drastic change in crazy Nancy, then she says its YOGA and you’ve got to join the train and hit the mats too.

But really, you are not too thrilled about the options of stretching your already stiff muscles in some unbelievable poses.

We’re here to tell you, yoga is more than the mat and a group of women exploring their serenity.

Inner peace, Mindfulness, Serenity and Meditation cannot begin to describe the art of yoga in its entirety.

Yoga is much more than a physical exercise regime or a recent fitness trend, it is the exercise that caters to your body, soul and spirit. It restores human vitality and mindfulness.

The word ‘yoga’ originally means union or connection.

A connection of your mind to a preferred entity, your breathe, the environment, your feelings or a previous experience.


There are so many stories and more speculations regarding the history of yoga. Many people characterize its existence based on the evolution of the different era and centuries.

Nonetheless, yoga has been in existence for over 5000 years and it was founded by ‘Patanjali’ popularly referred to as the father of modern yoga. He found yoga for the sole purpose of reminding yourself about the true purpose of life.

Yoga has been proven to be beneficial in numerous ways, hence the rapid increase in the number of yogis from the past years till now.

If you are yet to explore this art, here are a few unbelievable benefits that come with hitting the yoga mat.


If you don’t love you, nobody else will. Every other relationship in your life feeds off how you feel about yourself.

Sadly, due to the advent of pop culture and social media, the body image standards have been set so high depression kicks in every time you look at you. Everyone looks perfect on Instagram

Yoga promotes body positivity because it’s a form of exercise that improves your vitality, blood flow and releases the ‘feel-good’ hormones.

It teaches to pay more attention to the beauty you emanate from within than what you look like on the outside since yoga is a journey that begins on your inside.

With consistent yoga practice, you are sure to be eventually comfortable in your own beautiful and already complete skin.


Getting an early start to spend a few minutes on the mat may put you ahead of your colleagues in closing that business deal or impressing your boss.

Studies have shown a direct connection between yoga’s breathing exercises and the brain’s pre-frontal cortex.

Meditation and breathing exercises reduce anxiety and stress thus increasing your cognitive abilities, information retention and improving focus.

When given the yoga or aerobics option, before a big presentation at work or a life-changing exam, we advise you make yoga your definitive choice.


These are the people who are just as passionate as you are about yoga. They are your family now.

Same people, same time, same venue, same sense of purpose eventually builds a community of supportive, welcoming and non-judgmental individuals, making a strong support system.

This even makes networking and making friends a walk in the park, as there’s an already established relationship.

You know what they say about positive energy being contagious, the yoga community takes it to a whole new level. Yoga sessions are known to be bursting with a lot of positive energy

This ancient practice gives you a sense of family and community. After all, no man is an island.


Yes, the primary aim of you signing up for that yoga class is not to fit in your old high school jeans but that’s a sure plus.

The calmness and serenity that yoga brings help in making more thoughtful and healthier eating decisions and habits.

Yoga reduces the percentage of your impulsive decisions in relation with your intuitive choices. You becoming more mindful of your body leads you to tilt towards the apples more than the chocolate, thus reducing stress eating amongst other bad eating choices.

Your general health and wellbeing also improve due to the exercise benefits of the mind-blowing yoga poses. Stretching improves your spinal flexibility and reduces the risk of bone-related diseases like arthritis.


This cannot be overemphasized especially in this chaotic, fast-paced and impatient world.

Yogis are notorious for demonstrating an unbelievable sense of calm in the most nerve-wracking situations. They emanate positivity and always see the good in the world.

They have mastered the art of looking inward for peace and serenity.

It does not necessarily mean the situation around these yogis have changed, but they have a different reaction to the situations.

Yoga overhauls your perception of life completely.

Indeed, yoga is an art and a lifestyle. It brings bliss and awakens your self-awareness.

Seems like you are at a stressful phase in your life, take up yoga and in the next few months you will be on a different pedestal.


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