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List of the Top Beaches in Nigeria

top beaches in Nigeria

Everyone loves to socialise at least once a while. Even an introvert will at one time or the other want to take a shift from the norm. Socialization is one of the attributes of every human, just that it possess one person than another.

Socialization is one way to exercise one’s social skills. 

The beach however serves as one out of countless places to have fun, outside the home. It is a very nice place for people or persons who want to cool off from the hustling and bustling characterized by the major cities in the Nation.  

Now, it may sound awkward, but there are a lot of people Who haven’t been to The beach, who do not even know where they can find one, that is why social media is at the forefront in this century ,as i will be using this medium as one of the opportunities social media has given us to sensitize people in such category or those Who would love to know more locations of beaches in Nigerian .


  1. Asaba beach at Otuogo in Delta state  is a place you would love to visit at anytime you visit the south south region of Nigeria. There are rivers, lakes and streams evolving in this region, but the Asaba beach at otuogo stands out as a soothing enviaroment for relaxation. 


  1. Tarkwa bay beach – located on the Tarkwa  island, tarkwa bay, Lagos island. Tarkwa Bay provides a very Coducive environment for outings. There are various kinds of fruits and fun activities one can be treated to. Tarkwa bay is safe for family hangouts because it has facilities that can accommodate children of all ages. It also renders accommodation services.


Lekki beach – there are quite a number  of beaches along this axis and one of the first in ranking is the Lekki beach. Lekki beach is characterized by natural vegetations that serves as means of relaxation, one of it which is the palm frond for shelter. Palm fronds, as well as umbrella serves as protection from sun rays, thereby providing a refreshing atmosphere for people to relax. 

La Campagne Tropicana- This is currently a foremost leading beach in Lagos. It is located at Ikegan, ibeju off Lekki epe expressway, Lekki. La campagne Tropicana provides fun activities such as; hiking, canoeing, hunting, swimming, beach football and ocean fishing. It is about an hour’s drive from Victoria Island and it has some Hut look alike accommodation spaces for people Who want to visit on vacation or tourist purposes. 


Patigi beach – This beach is located at the River Niger area of Nigeria. It is not like one of the beaches people would enjoy visiting. It is one of the River Niger and can be refurbished when invested into for relaxing and casual comfort. The beach can also serve as a source of income when properly managed. 


Atican beach – Atikan beach is located at Abraham Adesanya road, Okun, Ajah, lekki phase 2. It is one of the famous top beach preference of the residents of Lagos state.


Elegushi beach – Elegushi beach is located at Ikate roundabout, Lekki. It comprises of various entertainment sections where people go tomorrow relax and have fun. One of such section is the beach’s club. It is also a good center for business with lots of attractions for tourists. Elegushi is one of the top private beaches in Lagos state. 


Baraccuda beach – for those obsessed with pictures, this is the kind of place you would like you be. Baraccuda has a beautiful ocean view. It also has some spaces ,roofed and provided with Chairs and tables with sound systems for various kinds of entertainment. Recreational activities like indoor and outdoor sports are all made available at the baraccuda beach


Ibeno Beach,  ibeno, Akwa-Ibom is recorded as the longest sand beach in West Africa. The beach is not much of where people can go to relax due to its constant visiting by tourists. It’s sand is whitish in colour and spreads across a number of riverine communities to the Atlantic ocean. 


In the south west region of Nigeria is the Not so famous beach at Araromi, ondo state. Araromi beach is one of those beaches that has the tendency to stand shoulder to shoulder with leading beaches in Lagos state if invested in and well managed. 


Other beaches in Nigerian are; 

Kuramo beach located in Lagos. This is where some  musical shows take place. 


Akodo beach – This beach is common with chalets and amusement facilities at its peak. Akodo is located at Ibeju lekki, off Epe express way, Akodo Lagos.  


Coconut beach – coconut beach is located at Badagry, west of Lagos state. It is about 20 miles towards the borders of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. The beach is surrounded by beautiful sites and branches of coconut trees.


Sunton beach is also located at Badagry. Badagry in itself is a major centre for tourism, so is sunton beach an attraction for most cultural activities like the olokun festival by the traditional worshippers. 


Alpha beach located at Lekki


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