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Kudi Allows you to Pay Bills Right From your facebook Messanger


A young Nigerian Just Created An App called Kudi that Allows you pay Bills from your facebook messenger

Kudi helps you Send money, recharge your phone, recharge for your friends and families & Pay bills (DSTv, GOTv & Electricity etc) from your facebook messenger by chatting with Kudi.

One of the best aspects of kudi is you dont need to download or install any app. Just chat with it from your facebook messenger and it does the work for you.
For example, you can buy airtime by just chatting with kudi , Say something like: ‘Hi Kudi buy me 2k credit” , Kudi does this automatically without stress. You can create a more sophisticated request by asking Kudi to send your friends and family airtime or for Kudi to transfer money to anyone , anywhere in Nigeria.

To get started Visit This should take you to facebook messanger Once you’re there just send a message to Kudi. She will get your phone number and you can do anything you need to do afterward. There is no long signup process.

1 Visit (it should take you to facebook messenger)
2. It will display a chat window with Kudi, tap the ‘Get Started’ button
3. Kudi is very interactive so , Kudi will say hi, then follow the instructions from kudi
4. Once This is done, You are now good to use Kudi
5. Don’t forget to Chat with Kudi when you need an airtime, pay your DSTV, transfer money etc just chat with Kudi the way you will will your pal and Kudi will be glad to answer your requests. E.g Type ‘buy me 100 naira airtime’ follow the instructions and Kudi will do as requested.


Buy Airtime With Kudi 



Transfer Money to Friends and Family



Airtime Top Up –



Pay for Your DSTV



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