How to Stop Snoring – Step by Step Tips

how to stop snoring

Snoring should be termed ‘strange’, you know why? Snoring is an irritating noise made unconsciously when one is sleep, it is an act that can be repeated occasionally even when you wish to stop, isn’t that strange?. I’m sure you are beginning to reason with me on this fact.
However, though the noise from snoring is uncontrollable, everyone who snores has contributed to it in one way or the other. People who snore find it hard to sleep in public because snoring can be embarrassing, it was also discovered that a marriage collapsed because the wife/husband couldn’t cope with the snoring spouse, now you may find that ridiculous but I can assure you that isn’t a joke. Need I say more on the effect of snoring on people’s lives?
Goodnews!!! Even though some people think it’s beyond their control, snoring can be prevented, yes you heard me right.
Here is a list of workable plans you can choose from to help you stop snoring.

1. Reduce or stop the intake of alcohol before bed – snoring may occur when an individual takes alcohol before going to bed because alcohol makes the muscles more relaxed above its relaxed state in a regular night sleep. If at all alcohol is to be taken at night, it should be taken at least 2 hours before going to bed. This way, the back of your throat will not collapse as you sleep, and snoring is avoided.
2. Sleep on either side – when the tongue is pushed to rest on the surface or wall of the throat during sleep, sounds could be produced from the throat through the mouth, and this can only be possible when you sleep on your back. Having discovered this, it is advice that sleeping on either your left or right is the best way to prevent your tongue from collapsing into the end of your throat, thereby preventing you from snoring.
3. Keep a clear nose – when the nose is obstructed, the nearest option to catch a breath is the mouth, when the mouth is opened for breathing, there is a high tendency the air that passes through the mouth would cause you to snore. To prevent this, ensure to get rid of any blockage in your nose, it may be an allergy or any other condition. Consult with a pharmacist when you suspect any anything to be an a hindrance to your breathing through the nose. for example sinusitis.
4. Avoid smoking – the lining of the throat and nose are irritated by the smoke of a cigarette, this smoke can lead to catarrh or a form of swelling which decreases the flowing in of air, and subsequently, lead to snoring.
5. Age – sometimes, the throat gets narrower and the throat’s muscle bone decreases at a certain age in human life .most times, it occurs as you get to the middle age. Although you cannot control our age, you can influence your lifestyle, sleep routines and work on the usage of the throat to help prevent you from snoring.
6. Lose some weight– you may have to consult a nutritionist to help you select your diet if you are in the plus size. Overweight causes tissues to be formed in the throat which leads to snoring, and cutting down of foods that contain calories is a good way to lose weight.
7. Exercise – Even if exercise doesn’t lead to shedding off of some flesh, it is a good remedy for snoring. When the various muscles of some parts of the body like the legs and arm are toned, it results in less snoring because muscle toning leads to toning of the throat’s muscle as well.
8. Watch what you eat – it has been discovered through research that eating some certain meals like soy milk or dairy foods can increase the tendency of snoring. Also, eating a large chunk of the meal before going to bed can lead to snoring.
9. Try out appliances uses to prevent snoring – one of such device is one that has a resemblance with what athletes uses as a mouth guard. This device has a way of bringing forward your jaw and tongue during sleep, this way you find it easy to sleep without snoring.

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