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How to Apply for American Visa


It is the dram of everyone in their lifetime to travel out of their country to see the world. One of the favourite travel destinations is the United States of America. The God’s own country is one place everyone wants to visit and to visit this great country, you need an American visa.

People don’t really know how to go about it so they are generally confused on what to do. Below are tips on how to get an American Visa:

  1. Make sure you have an international passport: this is very important, because you cannot go anywhere without having this. This is your identity, it shows that you belong to a certain national and you can be identified that you are from there. The first step is making sure you have one.
  2. Go to the American Embassy in your country: to know what you have to do to get an American Visa, visit the embassy and make sure you know what is required of you before you begin the process of getting an American Visa, so you know if you have or qualify for what is needed to get it.
  3. Pick the Visa type that you need: there are different kinds of Visa’s and it is important that you know this. There are Visas given for short stay such as Business, pleasure and even students Visas, so find out and make sure you know the one you are applying for.
  4. Pay the fee: after you have chosen the Visa you are applying for the next step is pay the required fee for it that is what has to be done before you can go to the next step.
  5. Fill the DS-160 form: Read this form and understand it carefully before filling it, once you have done so, you submit it. Know that when you submit this form, you would not be allowed to change anything, so be careful when filling it.
  6. Create a profile on their website: you go to the US website and create a profile for yourself; you would have to register using an email and password.
  7. Schedule appointment: after you have created a profile on their website and your email has been confirmed, open you profile and on the left side of the dashboard, click on schedule appointment. When the appointment has been scheduled, make sure you have these documents. The receipt from the deposit you made to the bank for registration, your passport number and the ten digits bar code from your DS-160 confirmation page.
  8. Fill out the remaining forms about yourself: when you go through the page, you would have to fill out some forms and give them your bio-data, documents, delivery location, to confirm the payment made and schedule appointment.
  9. Go for your American Visa interview appointment: on the day of your appointment, go to the American embassy for your interview.

This doesn’t mean you would be granted Visa, but there are chances that if you do as listed above correctly and answer the questions that you are asked politely, you would definitely get a chance to get an American Visa.


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