honeymoon destination

Honeymoons are a time for newly married couples to getaway, have fun and explore new places in their new partnership. Choosing honeymoon locations can be a lot as you and your partner have to make choices that you both like.

honeymoon destinations

Here is a list of top honeymoon locations that have gotten great reviews and I am sure you will like them.

  1. GREECE: Who wouldn’t love going to Greece, this country filled with history is one of the best places to go to for your honeymoon. You could go yacht cruising on the Mediterranean and watch the beautiful sunset. Get your pictures taken with your in any of Greece popular cities and put on a postcard, then go sightseeing among the ruins of Greece.
  2. MAURITIUS: It is known for its wonderful beaches and its clear blue ocean, it’s a beautiful place for both to relax. You can engage in romantic things like having picnics by the water lilies at the botanical garden or go parasailing with your spouse at Ile Aux Cerf off the east coast.
  3. MALDIVES: This particular country is a place so romantic to sweep your spouse off their feet. The beautiful huts suspended over the azure water of the Indian Ocean gives you the feeling of calm and both of you will enjoy the weather too. You can also organize a candle lit dinner on a private island for just the two of you, or book an appointment with one of their numerous spas and drain all the stress.
  4. PARIS: Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris, the acclaimed city of love? You and your spouse would enjoy sightseeing here and enjoy the scenery. You get to eat their fantastic meals, especially their deserts and their wine. You can learn the Tango dance with your partner, take romantic strolls and enjoy dinner in a café while looking at the snow clad Alps.
  5. DUBAI: this is one of the most popular places people to, because of its tourist attraction. It is beautiful city filled with sands, camel rides and beautiful hotels. You and your spouse can enjoy a hot air balloon ride, what other way to bond that stay close to each other, while trying to beat your fears. Have dinner at the famous Burj Al Arab, shop together and enjoy the world famous desert safari camping.
  6. HAWAII: A place of beaches, sunshine and plenty fruits, immediately you step in Hawaii, you have this urge to just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. You and your spouse would definitely be happy you came. You and your spouse could relax in one of their spas and have a masseuse work all the wedding stress out. You could sit and eat while watching the sunset and also enjoy beach trips. And you could even learn the Hawaiian local dance, while saying Aloha.
  7. BALI: You and your spouse would enjoy the peaceful ambience Bali gives, from the beaches to the restaurants that serves exquisite menu. And enjoy your private time in their beautiful hotels and resorts. You and your spouse could enjoy the pool while drinking Pina coladas, enjoy foot rubs and massages, and become closer by engaging in yoga during the honeymoon period.
  8. MEXICO: this Spanish country has a lot of tourist attraction centers and activities you and your spouse can engage in while you are there. It would even be fun when you learn Spanish with your spouse, at least learn together. You and your spouse can go horseback riding, a private moment for you both. You can also go on a train ride as you visit the copper canyon a site of rugged canyon, forests and waterfalls. Then end up having picnic by the beach side, enjoying nature and some sunshine.
  9. COSTA RICA: this is another place where honeymooners would definitely enjoy their time together. This romantic getaway with beautiful sunsets and sightseeing on this tropical island is just the best. You both can go sailing under the sunset, this screams romance. You could also go snorkeling together, it’s a new experience you both can add to your experience and tell friends and family. You could get an alone time with your spouse in your own beach, yes you can book for your own beach, what else would any newlywed want.
  10. CROATIA: if you like old towns, then Croatia is the country for you to spend your honeymoon, it gives you the feeling of being close to nature. You and your spouse can do a lot of things in Croatia, take a speed boat ride that would make your adrenalin pump. You could also discover coves with the aid of a private yacht, how exciting is that? Enjoy delicious meals prepared by some of the best chefs in choice restaurants. You also stroll through the city and get to know their history becoming part of honeymoon destination

In any of these destinations, you would enjoy your honeymoon and also gain new knowledge about places you haven’t been before, so start planning that honeymoon.






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