Zahra Buhari If Your Father Is A NOBODY, No One ‘ll Marry You Says Hauwa Mohammed

Hauwa Mohammed: “If Your Father Is A NOBODY, No One Will Marry You”

Media Girl Hauwa Mohammed has reacted on Twitter to the news that a Northern Billionaires son is set to marry the Presidents daughter with the hashtag #Pray 4 ur Dad

This is the Trend that has been going on in Nigeria for years now.

She says “Once your father becomes a Senator, Minister, Governor or President, all the Men in the world will start queuing and lining up to ask for your hand in marriage.

But once his tenure ends or he drops dead or his money is not flowing in like before, not even a dog will come snooping around”

Nobody wants to marry a Liability….. Beggi Beggi….

But guys please always remember that Money comes and Money goes, life changes so please be strong.

Check out her series of tweets on Twitter.


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