Young Boy Accused of Witchcraft Tortured IN Edo (Video)

A young unidentified was repeatedly abused by his caretakers over witchcraft allegations in Edo state. According to an eyewitness, Smart Adoghe, the child was serving as a houseboy to a woman and her family.

The abuse reportedly started after a pastor accused the boy of witchcraft.

Smart’s account;

This is what a neighbor of mine did to a child kept in her care. I was told that they accuse the child of witchcraft (one pastor told them) and they have been beating up the child for quite some time now, lock her outside with hands and legs tied till morning. It was brought to my attention by my maiguard who could no longer bear what he sees.

The child was so abused that it attracted the attention of neighbors around who almost lynched the said woman and since then nobody knows the where about of the child. When confronted the woman said the father of the child has come to take her, but the neighbors fear that the child might be dead because they never saw anybody come to the house to pick up the child.

Please I want justice for this child and at least we should know the where about of the child first because she needs medical attention. This woman should be made to produce this child where ever she is. I was told this child has been with this woman since when she was three months old when she lost her mother.

Though we are neighbors i do not mind risking my relationship with them, i will come out to testify and point out the house to which ever authorities are interested in getting justice for this child as i can never be friends with people who have the evil heart of abusing a child to this level.

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