White Lady Married To Bishop Feb Idahosa Shares Inpiring Love Story

Finding true love in this present world is very difficult and more difficult from another race. But when love knows no bound, the impossible becomes possible.

Laurie shared her brief story and sacrifice she made for her friend Feb Idahosa and today, they are married.

Read below:

“Our Dream Came true… 15+ years ago, I gave up an all expense paid trip to Venice because my friend, Feb Idahosa was coming to visit me in Delaware. I was single at the time and I remember my Mother telling me specifically that giving up that one trip was going to be a small sacrifice next to what I would gain by spending time with Feb.

To cut a long story short, it was during his visit that we made a decision to marry one another. He promised me that he would take me to Venice after we were married. Of course, I thought it would be for our honeymoon, but, God had a different plan.

We have talked about Venice every year since that day. Life happened and various things came up that took our attention and finances, making the Venice trip seem more and more like a pipe dream.

Little did I know, that this week, our dream would become a reality! We were in Switzerland for a Conference last week and decided to stay a few extra days to commemorate my birthday and our Anniversary. On Sunday, we got on a train and we traveled 7 hours to Milan and Venice in Italy!!! These are two places we have dreamed of going to for 15 years!!!! God did it for us, our dream came true this week!

Over the next few days, I will post more pictures. Don’t get jealous, get inspired! Whatever you are hoping for, though it tarry, wait for it. It will come. Habakkuk 2.”




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