People are scared to send private photos to their loved ones because they feel that it would be leaked. Some people even intentionally take photos or record you during intimate moments so as to have a power over you, this is very degrading and self-deprecating. People are wiser now and have stopped, but some haven’t because they want to trust the people they are in a relationship with.

If you feel you are going to be a victim or you have been a victim, here are things that you should do if you happen to be in that situation.

  1. STAY CALM: A lot of people panic in this situation especially when everyone is calling, their friends, family and close acquaintances. But at that time it is very important for you to stay calm so that you don’t harm yourself or develop a serious health problem that might be fatal.
  2. TRY TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT: Don’t shut everyone out, sometimes people may be judging you, but there is someone you should be able trust in your circle, someone who you can talk to and would understand without judging you. That person is who you should talk to, don’t keep it all inside, it might be really dangerous and send you into a depressive state.
  3. BE CAREFUL WITH EVERYONE AROUND YOU: Do not trust everyone, not everyone truly sympathizes with you, some just want to hear more stories from you so that they can tell people about it. You need to keep your circle very small and even with that limit the information you give them.
  4. ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE: Even though there is a lot of backlash at the moment the nudes are leaked and it feels like the negativity is too much, just stay positive, think of things that makes you feel happy and things that were very important to you before the situation existed.
  5. STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA: in order to avoid feeling bad for yourself stay away from social media. There are people out there who don’t know you and don’t even have any idea why you are in the situation you find yourself in and would say negative things about you without understanding the situation. In order not to hurt yourself stay away from social media at least for some time.
  6. REACH OUT TO THE PERSON WHO PUT IT OUT: To help understand the situation better, you could reach out to the person who put your nudes out, so as to know why he would treat you that way. Whatever explanation they give you, make sure you are calm and tell them how what they have done is affecting you, after that hope for better things. In some countries it is against the law, so you could take legal action against that individual.
  7. FIND WAYS TO REMOVE IT FROM THE INTERNET: While trying to come to terms with the situation, find ways to get it removed from the internet even if it must have gone viral. There are people who would be willing to help you, so reach out to them and make sure you nip the situation at the bud.
  8. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF: In all the craziness, know that it wasn’t your fault, you trusted someone and that person broke your trust. Do not blame yourself and realize that you will get past that situation.

A lot of people have been in this situation and are always at loss of what to do, with these tips above, you will be on top of the situation and turn it to something positive.



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