untreated sex can ruin ones life_ SEE how

An unfulfilling sex life can lead to feelings of guilt and rejection, causing problems within a relationship. Levels of sexual desire vary widely between different people, and can change over time.
couple Diabetes is a leading cause of sexual health issues in people, along with hypertension, high cholesterol, and smoking. It can affect nerve function and blood flow to any place in the body. One area that can often be affected is the genitals. “In men, this can commonly manifest as erectile dysfunction,” says Kenneth Snow, M.D., Joslin’s Acting Chief of Adult Diabetes. Men with poorly controlled diabetes are more likely to have sexual issues than those in good control. Men who have good control of their diabetes can still have issues, according to Dr. Snow, but they are more likely to be mild and responsive to therapy. Damage to the nerve and artery can impair blood flow and if the blood vessels aren’t functioning properly or if an artery is blocked, not enough blood will travel to the penis, making it difficult to get an erection.
un Nerve function plays a role, too. If the brain isn’t properly communicating with the nerves in the sexual organs, the body might not be able to shuttle blood there, impairing a man’s ability to get an erection. The ability to keep an erection can also be affected, because the brain must communicate with the nerves to hold blood in the penis.   Erectile dysfunction is known to occur in over one-half of men who’ve had diabetes for 5 years. Studies have shown that men with erectile dysfunction and diabetes are also more likely to have heart disease, because the risk factors for erectile dysfunction are the same as for coronary artery disease. “The same problems that lead to decreased blood flow in the arteries in the penis, lead to blockages in the arteries of the heart,” Dr. Snow says. You may experience sexual dysfunction that is caused by physical factors or the medication you are taking, or both. Emotional and lifestyle factors can also contribute to sexual dysfunction.
Other complications of diabetes are: – Cardiovascular disease – Kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy) – Nerve disease (diabetic neuropathy) – Eye disease (diabetic retinopathy) – Pregnancy complications: Women with any type of diabetes during pregnancy risk a number of complications if they do not carefully monitor and manage their condition. To prevent possible organ damage to the fetus, women with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes should achieve target glucose levels before conception. High blood glucose during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage and stillbirth, foetus putting on excess weight. This can lead to problems in delivery, trauma to the child and mother, and a sudden drop in blood glucose for the child after birth. Children who are exposed for a long time to high blood glucose in the womb are at higher risk of developing diabetes in the future.
Foods to treat diabetes If you want to reverse type II diabetes or prevent diabetes, I suggest you add the following foods into your diet. High fiber foods help slow down glucose absorption. Aim for at least 30g of fiber per day from vegetables, avocados, berries, nuts, and seeds. Foods high in chromium can improve GTF glucose tolerance factor in your body and naturally balance out blood glucose level

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