True Life Story of How A Mother Forces Daughters Pregnancy on a Man


This story i am about to say is a true life story that happened 6 years ago, i just thought to share it now, and i hope someone learns from this.

There is this girl in my area lets name her Shade, Shade was was that girl that is soo dumb that guys can play with her boobs and she will just laugh and say lemme joor or run away without saying anything, The problem isn’t that she was a flirt, but she wasnt just sharp, Shade is normal like every other girl but she acts so dense that you can do anything with her body and all she will do sometimes is run without saying a word or just keep quiet like nothing is happening.

I have once over heard guys in discussions talking about how someone presses her boobs or how to get her in bed.

So on this faithful day, i was heading back home from work during the hustle days when we still live in that area and as i was passing through the back of their house ( a face me i face you) to navigate my street, i saw her mum dragging her to their room,so i decided to quickly run and rescue her before her mum kills her. over the years i have gotten close to the them so i know she and her mum cos thats where we buy provisions and other house hold stuffs.
So when i rushed to rescue her from her mum, she was deeply angry and was about to beat the living hell out of her when i stepped in and i asked her what happened? then she asked me to come in, Then she gave me the shock of my life when she replied what had led to her trying to beat her up.
Then she told me Shade was pregnant, i was like wow then i asked who was responsible, then she said Shade doesn’t know who was responsible, i was surprised and decided to ask how. Then i told the mum to be calm.

So the following conversation ensured between us. Will continue shortly …..


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