Top Social Media Sites in Nigeria

Top Social media sites in Nigeria

Top social media sites

It is no more news that the world is nearer to us; No matter where you are, the world is just right in your pocket. All that is needed is an internet connection, and you can reach whoever or wherever you like, with just a smart phone. The power of the internet and smartphones introduced the era of social media. It is beyond doubt what impact social media sites has accrued on the world population over the years. These social media sites (both those In existence for a long time and those that recently joined the team) all have one thing in common which is ‘connecting people’. These days, meeting one on one is now secondary when people Who are far apart find it so easy to reach out to one another, relationships are made on social media and networking has been made simple.

Out of the numerous list of social media sites in existence, there are a few of them that are at top of the list, these top social media sites did not just get to the top over a night, they all have distinctive features that stands them out. For example, business owners tend to subscribe more on top social media sites that can drive sales for their products and services. So this brings me to share with us some of the top social media sites that have proven to suit the needs of an extremely large number of population. The following top social media sites continuously meet the ever increasing demands of its followers and subscribers.

To start with is Facebook;

Facebook is a worthy example of a top social media site, standing as the most popular and biggest social media network. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on the 4th of February, 2004. Facebook is a top social media site for business due to its larger community of followers. Over 1million small and medium sized businesses use the platform for advertising their business. Facebook is designed in a way to accomodate and connect anyone, little wonder it’s the most reliable network to connect with people you saw last as far back as you were age 8. Facebook has an active monthly users of 2.23 billion.

Twitter- twitter is also a top social media site where businesses have high hopes of striving. Twitter was founded on the 21st of March, 2006 with its HQ at San Francisco, California. With twitter’s recent increase to just 280 characters, it’s power to reach out to a large number of audience is not limited. Twitter has about 336 billion active monthly users and I’m sure it would hit a massive record before the end of 2018 judging from the recent entertainment and news benefits it’s audience are engaged with.

LinkedIn – This is a top social media website I value. LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman on 28th December 2002, but now owned by Microsoft. LinkedIn is a vital social media website to grow your profession and career. This top social media site is available in 24 languages with over 360 billion active monthly users. LinkedIn showcases similar business information and connect individuals in common professional industries. It provides an avenue for job employment, and also conferences and workshops that are helpful for career advancement.

whatsapp-  whatsapp is a top social media site, majorly known for messaging. It is one social media app. that always seek for ways to keep it’s followers satisfied, you can simply say it’s unique features such as whatsapp video and voice call are some of the reasons it’s the top choice of so many individuals. Recently, whatsapp introduced ‘whatsapp for business’, now this makes whatsapp almost as satisfying as other top social media site like facebook. The CEO of whatsapp was Jan Kuom before it was acquired by facebook in 2014 with 1billion active monthly users.

Instagram – when I hear ‘instagram’ pictures run through my head. Instagram was created and lauched on October 2010 by Kevin systrom and Mike krieger but presently owned by facebook Inc. Instagram falls Into the class of a top social media site because it stands out by its visual concentration. Instagram, commonly called ‘IG’ is used by its followers to share their pictures   videos and virtually all you want people to see, you also get to access pictures from others. IG has some editing features for pictures and also a good place to be familiar with current trends in the fashion and entertainment industry,

And finally ;

YouTube –  YouTube was founded on the 14th of February by 3 former employees of PayPal and it is presently owned by google. YouTube is where you can access videos on any subject matter, irrespective of matter what it may be and where your videos would rather be. YouTube is a major top social media site with 1billion active monthly users. It is very popular with search engine and has a huge number of subscribers.



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