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Top 3 Infinix Phones Of 2017

Top 3 Infinix Phones Of 2017

2017 has been quite an eventful year for the smartphone market: we’ve witnessed the release of the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and, of course, a range of new Infinix devices. This year there have been Infinix smartphones for every taste and budget. Find out which three of them are most worthy of your attention and check any infinix phones in Nigeria on Jiji – click here to get the .

Infinix Note 4

Infinix Note 4 was one of the most anticipated new devices of the year – after all, its predecessor, the Infinix Note 3, was among the best-selling devices of 2016. The first thing you notice about the Note 4 is its outstanding design. Instead of the matte plastic or brushed metal finish, you get a shiny chrome smartphone available in three popular colors.

Significant changes have also happened to the specifications of the device: the fingerprint scanner was moved from the back of the phone to the home button, the RAM and processor received major upgrades, there are now two LED-equipped cameras, and the Note 4 runs the latest version of Android.

Infinix S2 Pro

The S2 Pro isn’t the first time Infinix created a phone with a focus on photography, but this time things were different. In addition to upgrading the back camera, Infinix added a whole new camera to the front. That is why Infinix S2 users can take individual selfies with one camera and group selfies with a wide-angle second front camera.

The rest of the S2 Pro specs won’t leave anyone disappointed either. The 3GB of RAM and 1.3GHz octa-core processor ensure satisfying performance, the 32GB of internal storage with microSD card support will be enough to store your photos and other media files, and the 3000mAh battery with fast charge will give you just enough battery life for comfortable use.

Infinix Zero 4

It’s not common for Infinix to verge into the high-end smartphone segment, but when it does, the results are quite impressive. The Infinix Zero 4 is one of the best-equipped phones released in Nigeria in 2017. Everything about this device, from the nearly 6-inch screen to the stylish metal body, simply takes the Zero 4 to the next level of excellence.

The Infinix Zero 4 has a lot to offer in terms of specifications. There is a 2.0GHz deca-core processor that is paired with 4GB of RAM. The internal storage is a whopping 64GB. The 20.7MP back camera will likely give you the best photo quality you’ve ever seen. And the 4000mAh battery will give you the autonomy you’ve always wanted.


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