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Step by Step guide to marrying A Rich Guy

Have you ever wondered Why the rich always marry the rich, sometimes it’s not because they hate the poor, but the issue is where you find the rich, the poor are not usually available. So to marry a rich guy, you have to increase your chance of coming in contact with as many as possible. So here are the step by step guide to  marrying a rich man of your dream.

I know some of you guys will call it goal digging but I bet to disagree, I call it carefully planning your life and that of your unborn children. Have you ever noticed that the type of man you marry directly determines what you will become in the future. The man you marry today will in a long way determine who you become tomorrow. So wouldn’t you wanna take out time to carefully select the best guy that will meet all your your dreams come true.  If you are game with me abeg, sit back relax with a bottle of wine, and if you can’t afford one yet, Just grab a glass of water , imagine it to be wine and dream about your future rich hubby.

First of all If you are still thinking Oh, I’m miss Independent or independence or miss I can do it myself. Relax beauty, first of all lets have a list the numerous advantages of marrying a rich guy may be, just may be this will change your mind.
1. Rich guys are generous – How many poor dude will buy his wife Range Rover to surprise her on her birthday, or give you an all expense paid vacation to go shopping in Dubai? None!!!
2. They are romantic: Rich folks are crazily romantic, There is always something new to look forward to.
3. You can always get what you want : If you marry a rich guy, you can get what ever you want , be it money, cars, phones, houses , you name it!
4. You have a made future: Because rich folks are good investors, it’s forever made, bye bye to poverty.
5. You automatically become rich : Marrying a rich man automatically makes you rich. You don’t have to bother aboutn economic meltdown or hardship, for example the wife of a billionare is a billionaire.,
6. You will be well respected Due to your husband status: Have you noticed how people treats the wife of rich men? Since you have been going to the bank, Have you ever a rich mans wife queuing ? They know where to go, the managers office lol.  Even people older than you will call you ma.
7. You can live the life of your dreams
8. You will be well connected : Rich people are always well connected due to their status, So imagine you rolling with the wives of the Dangote’s, Otedola’s etc

9. You wont lack comfort and luxury: This is my favourite, you wont lack comfort and luxury. You will be able to afford those kinds of clothes you see on Kim Kadershians and co.
10. Poverty is bygone: The final one, its bye bye to poverty. Welcome to the new life called wealth. 

Now that we have seen the numerous advantages of marrying a rich man, I don’t think you need to convinced further.

Step by Step Methods to Marrying a Rich Man

1. Identify The Rich: The number one step in taking in marrying a rich dude is to be able to identify the rich guy from the rich wannabes who camouflage as rich. My dear I will advice you to spend time well to be able to identify this number o. It’s very Important. please you don’t wanna fall victim in the hands of the wannabees, no no no Please!!

So here are some tips, Have you ever noticed one quality about the real rich folks they are not lousy or noisy about their wealth, they don’t make noise, they don’t try to impress, because they have nothing to prove, they are rich remember that.

2. Know where they live: one thing about rich folks is they love living in cluster in the same areas. So one way to easily get one is to move close to areas where the rich live. Remember you can only fall in love with people that you see , if they don’t see you, honey they can’t love you. It’s high time you move to high brow area, leave Ajegunle for Poverty, move to some rich estates. Leave Iyana Ipaja, move to Lekki or Victoria Island. Note this is no joke, it’s your destiny we talking  about here. So make some investment, even if it’s renting a mall room in that areas. Don’t worry your investments will pay off soon.

3. Start Applying for Work where The Rich Works : We all know where rich folks work. So just know where to start sending your application, avoid those organizations with history of owing salaries, organisation with middle class people , also my dear beware of organisations that sack employees anyhow , you have to be strategic, you are planning long term not short term sweetie. Oil companies, ICT , Financial companies etc.

4. Target Where the Rich Shops And Eat: Rich folks are busy people the only time they have for fun is mostly weekends and evenings , my dear save some money visit a top restaurants, eateries, malls, bars , shopping center etc. Be strategic. By the time you walk once or twice, come on someone will notice you.

5. Church Or Mosque: Hmmmmm who doesn’t wanna marry a godly babe, abeg my dear. Package yourself, i know you have been going to some local churches where the brothers have been promising you for the past 5 years, have they proposed?? NO!!! So my dear, you know all the rich churches in the area. Package yourself this Sunday, na so Baba dey pick person call o.

6. Online: Now rich people can be very busy that they don’t even have time to meet a potential babe. So here is where you will position yourself. Abeg start looking for them on facebook, twitter (but be careful oo, so many wannabees plenty here) The best place to go is (incase you don’t know, it’s a social network for professionals) On Linkedin, you will see where the dude works, his position, so you can help yourself out by googling the salary range of the person (You think this is a joke, my dear, you need to learn some CIA, FBI skills. Do Your research).

I wish you success in your hunt. Feel free to share your success stories, It all began here. Also remember, be sexy, classy, always smile, smell nice and talk sweet.

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