Signs To Know If Your Man is Cheating on You

cheating man

If you think you man is cheating on you or you are suspecting he is having extra marital affairs.  I think its time you take back what’s yours, Its high time you know the signs. Sit back relax and let us show you the signs and qualities players possess.

1. He lies a lot: One of the greatest qualities of cheaters is they would lie even when the truth is glaring, watch out for this qualities and be smart when its getting too much.

2. He always puts his phone on silence or vibration when he is with you: His phones are always on silence, vibration, mute or volume down whenever he is with you. You hardly ever hear his phones ring. Watch out!

cheating man

3. He deletes text messages and call records: He is always deleting his text messages, BBM chats, social media chats  and call records. Its time to wake up

4. Clingy with his phone: He is always holding on to his phone and wouldn’t let go for a second. 

5. He is always taking his phone along with him to the bathroo and toilet

6. He has more Female friends than you do

7. he always give you reasons why you cant come or know his house

8. he doesnt sound comfortabke when picking calls in your presemce

9. He has more female friends on facebook that in reality

cheating man

10. He freaks out when you pick up his phone just to check for time

11. He doesn’t have your time anymore

12. He doesn’t spend time with you as he used to

13. He doesn’t call or text you as he used to

14. gets so defensive when you catch him

15. He Over reacts or gets annoyed when you ask him questions about his where about or change in attitude.

26. Doesnt answer his phone in front of you

If you man exhibits few of these attributes, its high time you need to know where you stand in his life.


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