side chic

Being a relationship is one of the sweetest feeling a woman enjoys and looks forward to in her life, they are happy and hope that this leads to a permanent relationship mostly marriage. Sometimes it’s not what it seems, because one can be in a relationship with their man, but also be the side piece. It’s heartbreaking to find out you are a side chick, some don’t even know till their boyfriend gets married and they hear about it.

Here is how to know if you are the main chick or the side chick:

  1. THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF BOTH OF YOU ON HIS SOCIAL MEDIA: When your boyfriend starts avoiding taking pictures of both of you together, or gives excuses why he doesn’t talk about you on social media, he is definitely cheating on you and you might be the second woman. If a man loves you, he would want to show you off, not doing so is a red flag.
  2. YOU HAVEN’T MET ANY OF HIS FRIENDS: Not knowing any of his friends is another red flag, he could tell you he wants to keep you to himself and wants your relationship to be private. If he truly cares about and loves you, showing you to his closest friends wouldn’t be a problem. If he doesn’t do that you might be a side chick, imagine if you can’t reach him, who would you call to know if he is okay.
  3. HE ONLY WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH YOU WHEN HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX: being in a relationship where you know that every time you see your boyfriend you might have sex is definitely a sign. A man who cares and loves you wouldn’t just want to have sex with you, he would want to hang out with you, take you on dates to get to know you. If having sex with you is what he does when he calls you, you might be the side chick as he is going home to his main chick.
  4. HE DOESN’T SHARE ANYTHING ABOUT HIMSELF WITH YOU: Being in a relationship is getting to know each other better. His past, present and even what he plans for his future, you want to know what his childhood was like and what crazy things he did. If he is unwilling to share that part of his life with you, he might not take your relationship serious, he might have someone else who he is serious with and you are just an option.

These signs amongst above just reveals that you are the other woman and he doesn’t take you serious, he probably is just passing time with you, while he pays great attention to his main woman. Women out there should open their eyes to men like this and look for these signs, so they don’t fall and be victims of these men acts.


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