Shameless Couple Having S*x in a Restaurant (Photos)

This is the moment a couple was caught having s*x inside a busy restautant.
A bizarre footage captures the moment that the pair of lovers brazenly consummated their love in the middle of the restaurant.
The clip shows a couple sitting at a table in a popular eatery, concealed by nothing except for the short wooden arms of the chair they both share.
Moving suspiciously atop her partner, the woman’s skirt rides up her leg, making their extra-curricular activity clearly visible to other diners in the building.
After a couple of seconds, the pair even stop for a quick positional readjustment before getting right back to it.
The clip has gone viral after it was posted on video sharing site LiveLeak, although any details about when or where the act took place are scarce.
More than 18,000 people have since seen the short clip.

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