See The New Laws Guiding Burial/Funeral In Enugwu-Ukwu Communit

Enugwu-ukwu one of the ancient communities in Anambra state has just released a new law guiding the Burial/Funerial in the community.

According to them “Burials in recent times have continued to attract wastage; of time, money and other resources‘ Th3 following laws are aimed to stem these wastages and save embarrassment to those who strive to compete in giving the so-called “befitting buria|” to their dead ones. We value human beings but that does not warrant frivolous expenditure in the mist of extreme poverty.”


The announcement of the passing on of persons in the following categories must show respect to the deceased:-

1. The Town’s Traditional Ruler

2. A Cabinet Chief

3′. Ozo titled holder

4. Member of Traditional Council

(a). in the case of the Traditional Ruler, nobody is authorized to announce his passage unless after the cabinet meets for that purpose‘ The announcement would be by the Onowu or Onosolu Eze in the presence.

To lessen the burden of walling for families to bury their deceased particularly at Christmas seasons, all forms of burial ceases by Detember 20″‘while resumption to burrial is from 10′”January.


This is another area that requires rigid control. Therefore only the following dishes must not be exceeded in any burial/funeral ceremony. introduction of any other food delicacies attract heavy fine as would be detailed below:

Rice – White rice with stew or joilof only.
Swallow – Wheat, Semavita or Garri.
Soup – Only onugbu or egusi soup.
Drinks – Modestly reasonable to follow the pattern of faod.
Gunshots- Canon shots are permitted but not single, double or pump action guns or any other type of gun.


it is a known fact that at the point of dowry payment, also includes items for the burial of Nwada who aasses on. This cultural practice would continue in he following modest consideration. Therefore on he demise of Nwada, the following shall be provided


these have made our environment untidy; therefore all must be removed within fourteen (14) days following burial.


I. Service of songs beyond 8.00pm – N100,000.00.

Ii. Period of burial/funeral beyond the stipulated 2 days – N150,000.00.

lli. Misuse of casket/corpse for showmanship is disrespect to the dead N100,000.00.

Iv. Entertainment above the stipulated/recommendation N150,0DD.0O.

V. Environmental degradation by use of posters/billboards after 14 days would attract N5,000.00 for everyday they are not removed.


HRM. Igwe Sir Ralph O. Ekpe


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