see as man catches fish with human teeth

In different part of the world, so many weird things have been happening which still remains amazing to human beings. In recent times we have had to hear animals having human parts as well as human beings having both the male and female sexual organs. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pacu fish Weird animal (Pacu) Somewhere in Russia, a fish called ‘Pacu’ with human teeth was caught by fishermen in a Russian pond in the town of Tula’s central park. The fish is nicknamed the nut cracker due to reports that it can rip off a man’s testicles with just one bit. The city’s spokeswoman Varvara Trunova disclosed that the fish has been confiscated from the fishermen and sent to examination adding that, according to the preliminary findings the fish is 20 centimeters long and weighs 240 grams.

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