People sometimes wish to travel and study abroad, to know new countries and widen their knowledge of the world. Some decide to go for their bachelor’s degree, while some for their Masters degree or even PhD, the problem still comes down to finance and which school is cheaper.

Different countries have their national currencies and sometimes might not be able to afford international tuition when converted. So they look for other options one which is scholarship, below are schools that offer scholarships to international students:

  1. University of Cambridge: this university offers scholarships to international students under the gates Cambridge scholarship which is shouldered by bill gates foundation. This scholarship covers the full cost for graduate studies and research available at the university. It covers your school fees, air fee, your maintenance and dependent allowances. This scholarship is open to all international students anywhere in the world.
  2. University of Warwick: it offers scholarships to PhD applicants every year, this scholarship is open to any international students who meet their requirement and want to do their PhDs in any course that the university teaches. The scholarship covers international student’s tuition fees and maintenance fees.
  3. University of Oxford (UK): it offers over 140 eligible international students every year a prestigious graduate scholarship under the Clarendon scholarship fund. This scholarship is given based on academic excellence on some subjects approved by the University of Oxford. The scholarship covers the tuition fees and international students living expenses.
  4. University of Bradford: this scholarship is offered to international students in countries affected by some certain circumstances such as natural disasters, war, political situations and so on. The scholarship is worth about $25,000 and covers accommodation, tuition fees, health insurance and the students living cost.
  5. University of Adelaide: the Adelaide scholarship international program attracts qualified international students who want to do their postgraduate programs. They offer these scholarships to support its research effort in some certain fields, the scholarship includes university fees, health insurance and living allowance which is given annually.
  6. University of Westminster: this scholarship is given to international students from developing countries who can’t afford it and who wish to study abroad. This is given to international students who want to do their masters in any field that the university offers, the scholarship covers waiving of tuition fees, the flights to and from school, living expenses and accommodation.
  7. University of Sydney: they offer international scholarships to students who want to do postgraduate research degrees or masters by research program. The scholarship covers tuition and maintenance for international students.
  8. University of Toronto: this scholarship which is given under the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at the University, this scholarship is intended to be given to international students who have shown exceptional academic excellence and are creative, and their schools have recognized them as leaders. This scholarship covers tuition, incidental fees, and full accommodation support for four years.
  9. University of British Columbia: This University offers scholarships to international secondary school students who want to do their bachelors degree. They can apply from anywhere in the world and if they pass the requirements, the university covers everything, their tuition and their maintenance fees. This scholarship is monitored by the international leader of tomorrow award for the University of British Columbia.
  10. Berkley College: it is a university of fashion and business, it offers international students scholarships based on financial need and academic history. The scholarship when given is none transferable and must be used for the quarter which you are accepted, you have to apply for this scholarship and submit it so as to be considered.

These schools have been known to give quality education and give their students great Academic achievement, if you really love to study abroad, these are one of the schools to consider, do not only consider, but also make sure you apply before the admission window is closed.


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