Romantic Things to Do on A First Date

romantic things to do on a first date

Going on a first date can be characterized by so much anxiety and assumptions. You try to imagine how the entire moment would turn out, you want to look your best and worry if the first date would be full of memories worthy of subsequent dates. First dates are basically to get to know each other. Yesooo, most girls have pen and paper in their minds on first dates. Lol. They may be smiling and all, but trust me she’s keeping records of when the guy laughed unnecessarily, how he walks, his grammatical errors and every bit of details.(her friends are somewhere waiting to hear the full gist too) ladies, am I on point? Lol.

It’s also a time to discover common grounds that are qualified enough for a step up into a love affair. Now for the guys Who won’t stop asking their friends which outfit is perfect, where can I take her to, how do i make her see a possibility in having something more with me. Take a chill pill as I share some romantic things to do on your first date with your dreamboat.

First of all, you both should agree on a location where you can meet halfway, halfway in terms of proximity and also a commonplace of interest. You would not like to be on a date and you find it difficult to express yourself as much as you want to, so it’s advisable you double check to be sure yours and her convenience won’t be at stake. Imagine you having to repeat your words several times because the noise from the road is too loud, Ewwww that can totally dismiss whatever you romance that may be building up.

If you both agree on a  dinner date, candle and lights, beautiful flowers and cakes and soft music to put her just in the right mood is a nice recommendation for any guy who would love to create a romantic feel on a first date. Initiate a lot of discussions, be humorous and make her laugh out loud. A late evening date is one way to make your first date romantic. Trust me, she will reciprocate every bit of emotions you send out. It works wooop! just like magic

Whichever time you choose for your date; be it brunch or dinner, ensure to give your date a full dose of compliments, such that she can’t recover from, not so soon. It may not necessarily be orally alone, it could be a text form in the middle of a discussion or a short romantic note to pass a compliment about her, could be her hair or smile. Who knows, you may just have exhibited one of her love languages and that may be all you need to win her completely.

Getting your date a gift could also be a romantic thing to do on a first date. You may jokingly ask for some of her favourite stuff before the D-day and get one of what she likes. You may necessary not ask too but just pick a random thing every lady admires, something simple and within your budget, and present it to her in the loveliest way ever. you could drop it on the chair reserved for her, or just have it delivered to her in the middle of the date. Be sure to be smart in your game.

Make romantic moves on your first date. Romantic moves such as; giving eye contact by Looking straight into her eyes when you talk and when she talks too, it makes her feel secure(my father once told me any guy who can’t maintain eye contact is a liar and a cheat)  rolling. Also, hold hands as you walk and even while seated. long after the date kicks off, sit next to her. Try kissing the back of her palm and give her lots of hugs as well. Treat her like a queen all the way.



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