Ranks in The Nigerian Army


The ranks in the Nigerian Army is based on two categories: the Commissioned officers and the non commissioned officers.

For those who would love to have a career in the Army, these ranks are important for you to note as you might be required to state them during your interview at the Nigerian Defence Academy or Nigerian Military School.

Below are the ranks for both commissioned and non commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army.

Commissioned officers consist of 11 ranks in the Nigerian Army and they are :

1. Field Marshal (5 star general and the highest rank in the Nigerian Army)
2. General (4 star general)
3. Lieutenant General (3 star general)
4. Major General (2 star general)
5. Brigadier General (1 star general)
6. Colonel
7. Lieutenant Colonel
8. Major
9. Captain
10. Lieutenant
11. Second Lieutenant.

Non Commissioned officers consists of 8 ranks in the Nigerian Army and they are :

1. Warrant Officer Class 1
2. Warrant Officer Class 11
3. Staff Sergeant
4. Sergeant
5. Corporal
6. Lance Corporal
7. Private
8. Recruit

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