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raising funds for your business: here’s how

starting a business may not be a easy thing to do at this time in the nation where so many have been disenfrachised. you need the gutts to take on competitors who sometime are the big players in the market.

do you need funds to begin your venture, then i believe this article will be of help to you. you need to master the following key areas.


1. think out of the box

this means you expect to get your startup capital from alternative sources. you can get this fund from yourself. let say the truth today. when a person comes to you and tells you all the good stories of starting a business but never mentioned how he is going to contribute his own sweat money. be watchful of such proposal.



2. Get the funds for business from your current job or business

there are savvy entrepreneurs that saved a good part of their income from their current business to actually start up. this is very important.


3. check out your bank’s borrowers program.

some banks can borrow you some money to do a venture. it may not be much but do not give up

i hope you find this helpful

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