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We all are after sexual satisfaction. And the size of male organ is directly linked to women having fun and pleasure in sex. Is that true that a bigger and longer penis is a must for good sex? Well, the majority of ladies would not agree! Some of them even avoid having sex with men who boast of possessing king size penises. Why? Just because size all by itself is not really that important. A big one with no skill added to its use can even hurt. The truth is that women have many erogenous zones and vagina is not the only and for some is not the number 1 among them.
Short or long A skillful man who knows how to use what he’s got is much more preferable than a man with a large penis, but has no clue of what to do with it. Plus, many ladies consider “wide” being better than “long”. They get more sensations having intercourse with guys, who have a “pudge” rather than a giant.
Short or long penis The conclusion is simple: a large penis is a huge advantage only if you can learn how to use it properly and acquire other skills of a great lover. Otherwise, ladies may even avoid dating you or having sex with the king size man! There is plenty of hope and room for the guys with “runts” to enjoy their lives, great sex and popularity among ladies.

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