Pain Is A Gift by Tosin Imhogiemhe

pain is a gift


Years ago, Doctor Marian Diamond, a neurologist and researcher in ageing, known to be the first to conduct scientific analysis of Albert Einstein’s brain, found out that deliberately induced challenges keep our brains healthy, functional and enable us to live more fulfilled.

In an experiment performed on rats, she divided them into two groups. The first group of lab rats, she gave food, while the second, she placed barriers in front of their dishes. As the second most popular college professor in the world observed, the rats that had difficulties learnt to overcome hurdles more proficiently and thus, became smarter than the others. On the other hand, the ones that were given food found life easy and their brains dwindled.

In other words, the fewer problems a rat-faced, the faster its brain went downhill. However, when she ran this same experiment on rats that were 600 days old or more (equivalent to 60 human years), something incredible happened. Though they got smarter and skilled at solving problems as well, it also made them strong enough to live up to 800 days old (equivalent to 80 human years), i.e. 200 days older than their usual 600 days limit. Wow!

Furthermore, after series of more tests, these creatures would eventually break the 800 days record to live even more. At 904 days, equivalent to 90 human years, not only were they still alive, but they continued to develop and acquire more mental resilience under challenging conditions.

Dr Paul Brand, a great medical missionary who worked with lepers, once said, “If I had the power to eliminate human pain, I would not exercise that right. Pain’s value is too great.” Thus, pain, difficulty or whatever you call it, is not intended to destroy you; but to help you discover your hidden potential and enable you to live more fulfilled. If animals could react positively to pain, then how much more we humans?

In contrast to public opinion, I believe in the philosophy to which I am a living testimony that God deliberately allows pain in people’s lives to push them to greatness because we tend to grow through what we go through.

However, people often suffer when they are resistant to this growth mechanism as they prefer to die in their comfort zone – which is the real danger zone. For instance, people think an airplane is dangerous to fly in but on the contrary, an airplane is more dangerous on the ground because down there, it starts to rust and wear out without fulfilling its true purpose.

Trust me, you will not fulfil your purpose or get the best out of your life in your comfort zone where there is no drive but decay. And that’s the function of pain; to drive you to greater heights as bitter pills have blessed effects.

Reminiscing on my life’s journey, having a privileged background and overly caring folks made me soft and casual about life. Now, I am glad to share with you that, not until I struggled through adversity did my existence really taste meaning and direction. The hardship was such that every day I died for 8 hours and during those hours, something amazing happened, which you will find out in this book. Thus, pain made me discover my purpose and pushed me towards self-development. Undoubtedly, pain refines us as fire purifies gold.

PAIN IS A GIFT is an Amazon best-seller that has changed the world’s view on pain. In it, you are sure to learn:

  • Why Pain is more profitable than Pleasure,
  • Stories of how great leaders were shaped by Pain,
  • How to Understand, Manage and Profit from your Pain, and most importantly,
  • How the fiery furnaces of life transformed me.

The strategies in this book are not just theoretical facts but also truths drawn from my own experiences. More than anything, I am grateful to God for the pains I have faced because that’s what truly changed me. Undisputedly, Pain is a Gift.

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