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How Does One Cope With A Short Tempered Wife?

Pls i want matured minds in the house and experienced peeps to answer aw a man can cope or treat his short tempered wife.
This is a woman who picks offence in virtually everything that happens in d house even among her co workers at work, the taxi driver that carried her, even d passangers she sit win in a bus to the bike man that carried her, pple she buys things from, infact the list is endless everybody is always offending her.
In the house she always see somthing to complain about, to d extent that one will be beging her not to vex even when she is at fault, infact so many other thinz like that that one cannot finish saying.
To guys in d house av u been in a situation like this bfor and can someone treat such a wife since its not easy to change her at dis stage.


Please advise and save Someones marriage

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