Nano Silver is a pesticide and illegal for use – US warns

nano silver

There is a report by the United State Food and Drug Administration which says that Nano silver – the drug that was produced by the Nigerian scientist in the United state as a cure for ebola is a pesticide.

Though the body claimed that nano silver is long known as an anti bacteria used in killing germs and bacteria from consumer goods by killing the bacteria.

nano silver

Therefore the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has considered nano-silver a pesticide which should not be administered on anyone and warns that Manufacturers of the products that contain nano silver must register it with the agency immediately.

The body issued a statement which that “Individuals promoting these unapproved and fraudulent products must take immediate action to correct or remove these claims or face potential FDA action,” the agency said.

The news came hours after the Minister of health in Nigeria Onyebuchi Chukwu announced that a drug named ‘nano silver” would be administered on the 8 ebola victims in Lagos Nigeria.

This seems like a conspiracy because these same US wouldn’t even give us the secret serum that was administered on the 2 United States doctors infected with the deadly ebola virus.

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