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My Wife Doens’t feel like having s*x, What can i do?

husband and wife in bed

We’ve been married for a year now and blessed with a pretty daughter. My wife feels little or no urge to be intimate. Its been more than a month now since I had s*x. Reason being that, am angry inside of me that she is always not in the mood, so I decided to hold myself and see when she’ll realize it that am angry about it and do the needful. But it seems like am just suffering my self because she seems not to realize she needs to do something fast. I am feeling like cheating on her as a way to punish her maybe she’ll realize it that she needs to satisfy her husband to keep him away from other ladies outside. I urgently need advice from married nairalanders… Is the situation d same or similar in ur marriage, and how do I resolve this differences. Am really disturbed

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