Members Of Koreto Community In Borno Return Home After Two Years Of Fleeing From Boko Haram

After two years of fleeing their community due to Boko Haram attacks, members of Kareto community in Borno state yesterday started what they call Koreto clearing up.

Life after Boko Haram insurgents in Borno state, some liberated communities already returned home from IDPs while others are just returning. Just like other communities, Koreto community people led by Ibrahim Bashir Terab engaged their self in sweeping, clearing and cutting of trees in the community.

Below is what a Facebook used alkali shared :

”Kudos to our great peoples of #Kareto they said that their can’t wait for the RRR and also felling sad for what’s going on in the newly ministry of RRR and State government. If these peoples have been engaged in Rebuilding there are own houses, I believe that much must have been done by now. Imagines if every house hold is given a certain number of #Blocks, #Cement, #Zink and amount of #Money, the #Rebuilding process have been done now and the peoples empowered as well instead of the charade by #Borno state governments both levels. Nice advice Bashir Terab but is very unfortunate”






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