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List of People That Might Be Jailed As Trump Becomes The New US President

Trump is a very tough man. He has said several things in the last one year that has shocked many and that has also made many like him. Trump is in for taking America to it’s original status as the world power, because he believed that America has lost it’s dignity and that America is not as great as it used to be. So here are the lists of the possible people that might be jailed by Trump as he becomes the New United States President.

1. Hillary Clinton: During the presidential debate, Donald Trump said that if he becomes president, he will instruct his attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s private email server and if she is found guilty, He will personally see to it that she is jailed.

2. Barrack Obama: Trump has said times without number that Obama is the worst American president. He also said that Obama and Clinton founded the ISIS. Trump also claimed ISIS honors Obama. He also claimed at some point that Obama is a terrorist. He is definitely going to probe the Obama’s Administration. I wonder what’s going to be the fate of Obama once he gets to office.

3. Illegal Black Migrants: This is one of his campaign promises to send black immigrants that are taking the American jobs back to Africa where they belong. And for the stubborn ones, Majority of them will be locked up somewhere before they are finally shipped down to Africa.

4. The Muslims : Donald Trump at any slight opportunity have always said, he will send the Muslims out of America. He is definitely going to have a lot to jail now that he is elected.

5. Mexicans: He has accused Mexicans several crimes like as drugs trafficking and illegal migration. He has vowed by all power invested in him to jail any offender and also send them back to their country if he becomes president. He also vowed at one time that he will build a wall around the border and make the Mexican Government pay for it.

6. Chinese : He has accused the Chinese and their Government of several things like stealing Americas jobs and other things. With him as the commander in Chief. Any Chinese caught in any illegal acts will be severely dealt with.

7. The Guy that released his ugly Video: Donald Trump is a man of war. He plays his tactics tactically. Donald J Trump doesn’t forgive his enemies, whoever is the guy that leaked the video of him talking about ladies tits be ready for the wrath of Donald Trump.

8. The Biased Media: He has accused the media times without numbers of being biased towards him. Trump is definitely coming for all of you.

We can only wish the best for the Americans. As we watch things unfold. Congratulations to the New President of America Donald Trump.


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