The Landlord That Named his Dog Ngozi

dog named Buhari

Before you all think this is another fictional write up.  This is a true life story that happened before the popular Buhari Dog Story saga. This incident i am about to share happened around 1999 at Oshodi area of Lagos State.
There lived a trouble maker, lets call her Aunty Ngozi (that’s her real name anyways). Aunty Ngozi is a single, arrogant, trouble making young lady who takes pleasure in fighting and making trouble for no reason. It’s so bad that everyone always try to avoid her.

Aunty Ngozi was so popular at the police station that the Police officers at that station stopped honouring calls to arrest Aunty Ngozi because it has turned to a weekly thing.

The Landlord – can’t really remember his name but lets call him Baba Ola, has had enough of her trouble that he had tried to evict her from his house more than 3 times all to no avail.

Aunty Ngozi had vowed she will never move out from the house and there is nothing anyone can do to send her parking. To add insult upon injury, Ngozi was owing over 6 months rent.

Then one day Saturday morning, it was an environmental sanitation day, as usual aunty Ngozi would never participate nor attend the monthly meetings between the landlord and the tenants. Then during the meeting, Baba Ola the Landlord brought out an ugly looking local dog and told them he wanted to introduce the latest member of the house, then he showed them the dog, everyone was surprised, What! the Same Landlord that hated dogs with all his life, and that had warned against dog breeding/keeping in his house due to his hatred for dogs.

Everyone was surprised for his change of attitude towards dogs until he dropped the bomb when told them the name of his new dog was Ngozi. OMG! Everyone burst out into laughter that was the most hilarious day of the year. The meetings that usually end up in argument became fun. Everyone loved found it really amusing, Because aunty Ngozi at one point or the other had had beef with every member of the house, they were quick to adopt the name of their new neighbour.
It got some bad that when Aunty ngozi is walking across the street, you could hear like 6 people calling Ngozi! Ngozi! Ngozi! when Aunty Ngozi looks back she will see them realise they were calling the dog. This got her so furious that she engaged in more fight with people that she got tired of fighting. She got frustrated that she started coming home pretty late when everyone would have slept and would leave early before everyone wakes.
This doesn’t stop the Landlord from coming out very early every morning to shout and scream the dogs name, at the top of his voice which would later follow with heavy courses , swear words while calling Ngozi dog. You will hear words like where is this stupid Ngozi, etc
Then one evening, Everyone was surprised when Ngozi brought a truck less to pack all her loads less than 3 months after the introduction of the dog. This was Ngozi that they have been trying to evict for over 2 years.

That was how Aunty Ngozi moved out of the house never to come back again.

Incase you are wondering what Happened to Ngozi (the Dog), Baba Ayo sold him to Udoh the dog seller. This happened less than a week that Aunty Ngozi moved out.

Mission Accomplished! That were how the two Ngozi’s were evicted

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