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Ladies Beware – How A Female Banker was Deceived and Used by a Guy she met on Facebook

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So I went to visit a friend in a remote part of Lagos, after spending over one hour on the road I finally got to the bus stop , only for him to tell me to mount another bike to his destination, which took another 25 minutes ride.
The only bike available already had a passenger , I decided to join him , then on our way , there was a conversion about women between the bike man and the other passenger. Then the other guy on the bike , said mehn i have had the best women in my life nothing dey there. So he began a story.
He said in 2015, he met a lady facebook who works with GT bank, They became close friends and discuss virtually everything , so he told the babe he works with shell, he said he earns N650,000 minus allowances, the babe said she earns just 250,000, meanwhile as at then the guy said he was working in a factory where he earns just N10,000. But you can’t take the look from him, he is a fine boy and a smooth talker.
The said lady stays in port Harcourt, he invited her to Lagos for a visit, meanwhile the guy stays in a remote area of Lagos.
He lied that he stays in a 3 bedroom flat in Victoria Island and planning to move to a duplex in Lekki which is more closer to where he works. LOL
This babe fell for all the lies and she decided to finally come visit the dude in Lagos, at first the dude thought it was a joke, only for the babe to call him Friday morning that she is on her way to the airport, she took a day off from the office.
The guy said he only had about 1500 Naira on him as at that day, so he started calling all his friends to borrow him money for hotel reservation. He said one of his friends told him , what if you rent a hotel and she doesn’t allow you have fun with her , Omo you don lose oo, the bad friend encouraged him to take her home like that, after all she has come and can’t go back.
So the dude summoned courage, took a bus to the airport, he waited for a while then the call came through, “hey Tony I’m here where are you”. He went to pick her up, now the next issue was getting home. He only had 1500, while waiting for her, he had inquired the price of taxi which was billed at N4,500 to his destination. So he took the babe all the way inside a public bus. At first the babe asked where is your car, then he said he had to lie it’s with the mechanic and he had to quickly rush down to pick her.
Then they began the journey, they left the fine city of Lagos only to be going into this underdeveloped outskirt of Lagos. And she kept asking where are we going , he said he kept telling her we will soon be there . So finally she got to his house, It’s a one room apartment in a face me and face you house, with only just a bed and nothing more. Then the babe asked , where are we , he told her that he was having a little challenge at work and he decided to come stay there for a while.
At first she was angry and after much sweet talking, he told her that after all I am the one you came to see, so because I am having a little challenge now, you don’t want me again.
He said they had sex all through Friday down to Sunday morning that she is scheduled to leave. The funny part was that she had to queue to bath in the general bathroom that all the members of the house uses. She said she had never done that in  her life.
He said by Friday evening, he had already spent all the money he had on him, then by Saturday he had nothing, so it’s time for breakfast, he told her to follow her to the ATM only for him to break the ATM card on the road, because there was no money in it. When they got to the ATM , he brought out his card and was like what? my card is damaged, and asked if the girl could borrow him some cash like N50,000, the poor girl still withdrew N50,000 for the dude because he had promised to give her N350,000 , he then went to a fast food bought food for the both of them. Then on Sunday when she was about to leave, she was asking for her money and the guy told her to wait till Monday so that he can speak with his account officer.
He knew the babe must resume for work the following day. In annoyance, she went back to Port Harcourt used and disappointed.
That was how the dude invited a top Port Harcourt babe to Lagos, slept with her, used her and even collected her money.
He said ever since , when ever he buzzes the girl online , he gets stuffs like , you are a devil, you are a broke ass, you are an impersonator , you are not real, My God will punish you etc. Then he replied her that if you had known my status would you have come to visit me ?? Then the girl blocked him.
I felt for the girl though. After the dude was done speaking he was so proud of himself , then I asked him, does it make you feel good deceiving an innocent girl that has done you nothing. I spoke to him as a man and every one went their ways.
So the reason why I am sharing this story is to warn ladies out there, be careful of the guys you meet online. Be careful of the kind of information you share and above all, have some sense of dignity.

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