The smartphone environment in Nigeria continues to expand as manufacturers around the world introduce new products into the market to serve the needs of the ever-increasing population. In the year 2014, an estimated twelve mobile phone brands were officially launched. These figures do not take into account other mobile products introduced into the market, but did not go through the ‘official launch’ phase. As Nigeria represents one of the top ten technology markets in the African business sphere, recent survey indicates that there would be seven new entries in 2015. These include established brands and startups aiming to gain a share of the mobile phone market. One of such brands making headway into this area is the Innjoo Technology Co. Ltd. A startup with headquarters in Dubai, the company’s product line include the Innjoo One, Injoo Note Pro, Injoo i1k etc, and a series of tablets. Adding to the lists of product offerings, the company officially launched their latest smartphone in Lagos, the Innjoo Fire, on the 25th of May.

The Innjoo Fire falls under the category of phones depicting high-end features, however manufactured with the average income earner in mind. According to the information gained from the Innjoo website, the phone was uniquely created to serve users in the Nigerian market, and “blows all other budget handsets out of the water”. With frenzied anticipation from customers in different parts of the country i.e. Lagos, Abuja, Warri, Port Harcourt and Calabar, the sale of the Innjoo Fire and all of the other Innjoo products are expected to record an all-time high

Innjoo Fire Review

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