How to Identify A Gold Digger

gold digger

Every relationship devoid of money seems to have very little tendency to survive, unlike many years back when love seems to be the only fuel that keeps a relationship going. Nowadays the reverse is the case, most relationship can not stand the test of time without money or the other partner trying to use you to get what they want.

The saying that some people have turned relationships into a money making business is totally true. Therefore, you need to be well informed with the best ways to identify the gold diggers, who are only in a relationship with you for the money or personal gains.

 Here are some ways to identify a gold digger; 

  1. Financial issues in past relationships: – when you discuss your past relationships, ensure you direct questions towards the financial structure or management to your newly found love. If she emphasizes on words like ‘he’s too stingy’, ‘he says I ask for too much’, or ‘he can’t take care of me’, you may need to rethink and be sure if truly she isn’t a gold digger, and once you find out, It’s time to flee.
  2. The permanent broker: – when he/she always sound broke and always asking you to borrow or lend them money, they may be gold-digger. Take note if he/she always give excuses of being broke to questions like, ‘Why are you sad?’,  ‘why didn’t you call back ‘,’why didn’t you make your hair ‘,’why don’t you come visiting ‘. Such persons may be out to dig your hard earned GOLD. Be wise!
  3. The I don’t care (IDC): This particular attribute of a gold digger is not much work. You are into a lady or guy already, and you can’t withhold even your savings from her, but then she/he never ask to know how the money comes in OR plan how to help make the money increase with you. When they are only about ‘when ‘ it comes alone and not ‘how’ it is gotten, chances that they are gold diggers is valid.
  4. The one-way diggers -these are people Who cannot proudly mention something they achieved on their own without mentioning their ex-partner’s name. They also scarcely mention names of families. It calls for more attention when her parents are not affluent. To be sure of Who is really a gold digger in this category, start by asking questions beginning with compliments. For instance, ‘oh you have a car, how much did you get it?. If her answers are always full of acknowledging an ex, there is an issue!
  5. The Over demanding Spouse: These are people that can never be satisfied no matter how much you give them. They will always ask for money for one thing or the other. When you tell them you don’t have, they threaten you with a breakup or sometimes threaten to hurt themselves or emotionally blackmail you
  6. The Luxury Shoppers: These are the people Who ask for things you know they can’t afford personally. They can use what is equivalent to their income to but ephemeral things. Give them your credit card and they won’t let wisdom lead their actions. They also won’t encourage you to invest a huge amount of money on productive things; telling you it’s a waste of money, but will not decline when you offer the same amount to shop.
  7. The Hit And Run: These are the kind of gold diggers that come into your life just to rub you off your hard earned resources. They will do anything within their power to get anything they want. They are the green snakes under the green grass. Be careful of these very guys, They go the extra length to ensure they rip you off and once they get a huge part of the largesse, They run!!!!

So beware of gold diggers, they are everywhere you can ever think of, at your workplace, in your street, at the mall, even in the churches or mosques, they are also present at weddings, events etc. So when you start seeing traces. Run!!!




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