How to Catch your Cheating Spouse

cheating spouse

Everyone has gone through heartbreak at least once in their lifetime and it makes them lack trust throughout their life. When one gets married, the marriage is meant to be peaceful and one is expected to live the fairy tale life.

Then you start noticing some signs that your spouse is cheating, you can’t confront them because you don’t have enough proof.

couples sleeping together

Here are ways to go about getting proof that your spouse is cheating:

  1. CHECKING HIS PHONE: This has been an old method which married partners have used to catch their spouses. When a spouse begins to cheat, there is a likeliness that the cheating partner would be saved on his phone. You would be able to read any text message exchange between them and that would give you solid proof.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Most cheaters tend to follow their cheating partners on social media, your spouse is likely to have met and is following the person they are cheating with and even leave some lovely or romantic comments on their posts. This is another way to find proof that your partner is cheating as they can send messages to them through several social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. CHECK YOUR JOINT ACCOUNT RECORDS: For spouses who run joint accounts, you can track where and when your spouse spent a certain amount. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, this is a perfect way to catch him, the information on the joint account spending might point you in the direction of where he cheats.
  4. TRACKING APPS: these applications were originally made to find phones or personal computers, but they can have an advantage when one wants to catch a cheating spouse. You can download these apps and log in your spouse’s details, and with that you can track them to wherever they go, giving you the exact proof you need.

Using one or more of these steps would definitely help you catch your cheating spouse, it is better to listen to his or her explanation before reacting.


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