How a Pretty Girl HIV positive lady almost lured me into having s£x without condom


This is a personal experience which I’m sharing here on NL for everyone to wisen up about hiv matters…

I had s£x with a lady that tried discouraging me from using a condom,her excuse was that it injures her vagina, it would have been tempting because of how neat and beautiful she looked like, but I refused to give in, it may sound as though am heartless but I don’t play with my life when it comes to raw s£x. I refuse to succumb to her no s£x game. fortunately for me later my friend who works in St Nicholas Hospital (hiv centre) told me that he saw that particular girl came around for her retrovirus drugs.
fear catch me, as I was left in shock and fear, I then thought hope the condom didn’t penetrate or something, reason I was forced to go for a test . Thank God am Negative.
so when last did you go for an hiv test?

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