Health Benefits of Eating Banana


Banana does not need introduction, it is the curvy yellow soft fruits which usually comes in Bunches. Though it comes in different kinds  but they are all the same in terms of the nourishment and vitamins they give even though some are known to be more nutritious than others.

Banana is not just a fruit it is one of natures best source of food and vitamins. Bananas are among the most widely used and consumed fruits in the world. Due to its sweet taste, nutrients and e

nergy giving capability.



Bananas are highly rich in nutrients and multivitamins such a

s potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamins C and B6.



  • Eating bananas helps people suffering from depression and stress,  It contains enzymes called tryptophan that helps to stabilize and improve moods.
  • It help reduce the risk of kidney cancer, intake of banana has been known to help reduce cancer
  • It helps fight against diabetes, taking banana regurlarly help fight diabetes
  • bananas help you sleep, for people suffering from lack of sleep, taking banana before you go to bed helps stabilise your system.
  • For people suffering from high blood pressure, the intake of Bananas helps lower the Blood pressure
  • Intake of banana helps reduce rate of children developing asthma
  • Eating banana help reduce heart attack
  • banana help boost libido in men which makes men active to perform
  • Bananas aids/helps in food digestion
  • Bananas are also good for weight loss
  • Banana are instant energy giver
  • best reliever from hangover
  • Banana peels/skins are also used to treat mosquito bites, acne and skin diseases.banana

So the next time you see the woman selling banana, don’t hesitate to buy one because, banana is a life saver.

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1 Comment

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