Fuel Scarcity May Crumble MTN Network Across Nigeria

MTN fuel scarcity

Diesel Scarcity jeopardizes MTN Operations
The management of MTN States that the current diesel scarcity in kost paRTS OF nIGERIA us posing a significant threat to quality of servoce and the ability to optimally operate the network.

According to the cirporate services Executive Akinwale Goodluck ” Mots of our base stations and switches are powered round the clock by the Diesel generators and the currebt shortage has drastically reduced the availability of diesel supply to key locations”.

MTN’s availabke reserves of diesel are running low and the company must source for a significant quantity of diesel in the very near future to prevent a shut down of service across Nigeria. If diesel supplies are not receiced within the next 24 hours the network will be seriously degraded and customers will feel the impact.
MTN is working with all stakeholders to ensure services remain. MTN sincerely apologizes for any outages and inconvenience that may occure and seeks the understanding of customers at this time.


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